Friday, January 27, 2017

DuPage Voter: "McNeily is a Monster"

Over on Facebook, we've picked up a bit of chatter about one of the local races we here at the Illinois Truth Team have been focused on:  Wheaton City Councilman, West District.

The race includes a candidate we've covered here:  Bobby McNeily.  You can read an updated post detailing all of Mr. Bobby McNeily's background (or, frankly lack there of) or you can see if you think Bobby McNeily fits Wheaton's values for yourself.  Or, you can go to the biography site of Bobby at: to see everything about the guy.

But, that chatter?  It was amongst voters who seem to genuinely be interested in learning more about the candidates and have an informed opinion on who to vote for on April 4th, 2017.  It starts innocently enough with a request for info on the candidates.  It quickly goes downhill for Bobby McNeily.

We've blurred the profile photos and the first/last names in these images below because these folks didn't ask to have their stuff be published.  But you can find this conversation by simply searching on Facebook for yourself.

It starts with a simple ask about who the community would recommend for the job in Wheaton:

First someone points out Bobby McNeily's role in a controversial group on college campuses.  And someone else reminds everyone the race is on April 4th.  Just one person's opinion, right?

Then...someone adds a little reference to some of the truth we've been sharing about Bobby.

And it all goes south.  "McNeily is a monster" one voter wrote.

With just 66 days until voters go to the polls (and even less with early voting!), this Facebook poster put it best:  "People need to know (about Bobby McNeily) when they go into the booth on April 4th....someone needs to disseminate this information to Wheaton West District voters."

We're trying to do that very thing.  Will you help us?  Know some friends in Wheaton?  Pass along a few links about Bobby McNeily to them.  Tell them to just vote "no" against this guy.

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