Monday, January 9, 2017

Meet Bobby McNeily - Wheaton City Council

Over at Meet Bobby McNeily, there's a discussion about whether Mr. McNeily, who is running for the Wheaton City Council is the right fit for the City of Wheaton.  You can learn more about Mr. McNeily over at the Bobby McNeil for Wheaton website here.   Just one look at his shenangians in that photo above tells the story, right?  Sure, he's young.  But our taxes aren't a joke.

If you talked with Bobby today, you'd think that he was a normal, everyday dude who wanted to make a difference in Wheaton.  Heck!  He's even convinced a bunch of the Republican apparatus there to support him.  But, it is all a joke.  Seriously, a joke.  He's not changed.  He's still the same clown that he's been since college.  He's just put a little bit of a fake veneer on it now.

Wheaton doesn't need a clown on the City Council.  Say "No" to Bobby McNeily.  I know that everyone here at the Truth Team will be casting their vote against Bobby in Wheaton.  Join us.
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