Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More Details Emerge on Wheaton's Bobby McNeily

Via email and in our comments, we received a nice little packaged note from someone named "Wheaton Mark Felt" about West District Councilman Bobby McNeilly.  We've covered Mr. Bobby McNeily and his campaign in Wheaton here on the Truth Team site before.  Here it is in it's entirety reprinted below.  The note ends with a good question and comment:

Here's the note submitted by "Wheaton Mark Felt" below.  Remember, you can send us an email at tipthetruthteam@gmail.com and we'll cover what is interesting!  

Let's take a closer look at Robert "Bobby" McNeily, one of three remaining candidates for Wheaton City Council (West District). 
According to his LinkedIn page, McNeily is a 2011 graduate from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in music performance. After that, the next listing isn't until March 2015, when he joined the Wheaton Community Relations Commission. He later in 2016 started at Turning Point USA, a political organization at college campuses. 
What was Bobby McNeily doing from 2012 to 2014, after he finished college but before he entered Wheaton politics? That took some digging to find: 
1.) McNeily filmed a video of himself in Nov 2013 doing celebrity and racial impressions.

One of these impressions is "Clarita" (seen at the 0:37 mark).

"Clarita" is a cross-eyed McNeily speaking broken English in an accent. This appears to be a stereotype parody of Latina women.

2.) McNeily had a judgment entered against him in Dec 2014 in Cook County circuit court. The site below alleges this was over unpaid rent.  
Case docket is also linked here
Additionally, DuPage County court records show him being brought in on multiple traffic tickets and failure to pay (search "Robert McNeily") during 2010 to 2014:
3.) He has no work, volunteer, education, or other experience listed during the time period of June 2011 thru Feb 2015 on his LinkedIn page.

Again, what was he doing during this time? Immediately following it, he moved to Wheaton and entered politics. We could not find any record of McNeily as a Wheaton resident prior to 2014.

Is he an aspiring career politician looking to start that career without prior applicable experience? Has he been fiscally responsible in his personal life, or is it just "talking the talk" for his political constituency instead of "walking the walk"? 
If someone who is six years out of school went into a job interview with only two years of experience listed on his resume, shouldn't the potential employer be suspicious of the other four years? What about after finding a video of him doing racial impersonations? And after finding a civil judgment entered against him only two years ago? Would he still get the job? 
It's time for Wheaton to give Bobby McNeily a tougher job interview. 
#WorkingForWheaton ?? #McNeily4Wheaton ?? #McNeily2017 ?? #Vote17
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