Monday, February 13, 2017

Watchdog: Does Missing Meetings Disqualify Aurora Austriaco for Maine 207 School Board?

There have been an increasing number of local blog/news outlets that cover hyperlocal news in communities around Illinois.  And many of them are adopting a stance of being a 'watchdog' in the spirit of the Edgar County Watchdogs that have made quite a name for themselves.  

But there's at least one of these outlets that has been pumping out local, opinionated coverage on the government and politics at play in town for more than ten years.  And that's the Public Watchdog, who covers Park Ridge government and politics.  He or she has been doing it so long that they have a pretty great url in

You can look back through their archives and see that the earliest post is from 13 years ago in 2004, but the real action picked up around 2007.

Well...the reason for this post is to point out that the engaged community over there is already up-to-date on Maine Township District 207 Candidate Aurora Austriaco and all the baggage that comes with her campaign.  Check out the comment in the feed on this post and you can see it in the image at the very top of the page.

The Watchdog even offers a bit of a commentary saying that the missing of the meetings is a big deal
The thing that concerns us most is that Ms. Austriaco missed over 30% of Her Park Ridge Planning & Zoning Commission meetings. Whether the voters think that disqualifies her for the D-207 board is an open question...
Over 30% of the meetings.  Park Ridge and Des Plaines can do better.
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