Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Sidestep Stephanie" Kifowit Avoids Answering the Tax Hike Question

Democrat State Representative Candidate (and Chicago Speaker Mike Madigan Pawn) Stephanie Kifowit was recently asked if she supported the Pat Quinn 67% Income Tax Hike.  Here's her answer:

OneMan gets to the heart of the issue here with Stephanie:
Does she support the tax increase? How would she vote on a repeal and would she change her vote based off of pressure from the speaker? Thanks to the Tribune's coverage of Madigan's involvement in her primary. 
They are legitimate questions, questions that deserve answers. Stephanie, it may not be in your interests to answer the questions, but they deserve answers, also we are going to hold you to those answers.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kathy Smith - Candidate for Illinois State Rep - Launches Concealed Carry Site

Kathy Smith, who is running for Illinois State Representative in the 111th District recently announced the creation of a new site that encourages district residents to stand up and have their voice served when it comes to 'Concealed Carry' in Illinois and the 2nd Amendment.  The RiverBender covered the story this week.  And...there's more from her press release:

Republican County Board Member Kathy Smith (R-Alton) launched a website in support of passing a concealed carry law in Illinois. The website exposes the facts about why concealed carry has not become law in Illinois.
For years, Chicago political bosses have refused to uphold our constitutional rights. Illinois is the only state in the nation that has no procedures in place for law-abiding citizens to apply for concealed carry permits. 
“I support concealed carry and if elected I will sponsor legislation to legalize concealed carry for the citizens of Illinois,” said Kathy Smith. “Illinois citizens should be able to defend their families and friends from criminals who threaten their livelihoods. I support our Constitution and will always protect our right to bear arms.”

The 111th District includes communities such as: Alton, Bethalto, East Alton, Roxana, South Roxana, Hartford, Wood River, Elsah, Pontoon Beach, Godfrey, Granite City.

If you want to know more about Kathy, her opponent Dan Beiser, or how to get involved, the site can be found here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dan Beiser - The Critical Tax Hike Vote

Do you live 111th District? It includes communities such as: Alton, Bethalto, Wood River, East Alton, Roxana, South Roxana, Hartford, Mitchell, Pontoon Beach, Elsah and parts of Godfrey and Granite City.

If so, your current State Representative is Dan Beiser.  That's him over there on the right.  

Did you know he cast the deciding vote that jacked up our income taxes 67%?  His opponent, Kathy Smith, points out his voting record here on her Tax Repeal Site:  
Dan Beiser, Illinois State Representative, cast the critical 60th vote in the Illinois House of Representatives to approve the 67% income tax hike. While during previous campaigns Beiser had said he opposed tax increases, he joined with Pat Quinn to support the historic 67% income tax increase.  In fact, Dan Beiser votes with Pat Quinn and the Chicago Democrat Machine over 90% of the time in Springfield.
Help us spread this truth!  And step up and get involved with Kathy's race by volunteering here!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stephanie Kifowit Supports Tax Increases

Stephanie Kifowit - Hasn't seen a tax increase she won't vote for!
Stephanie Kifowit, a Democrat from Aurora is running for election in the 84th Legislative District in Illinois.  Her opponent, Pat Fee has come out and pledged to vote to repeal the Pat Quinn 67% Income Tax increase that Kifowit won't support.  Why?  Because she's heavily supported by Chicago Mike - House Speaker Mike Madigan - and as one of his cronies, Kifowit doesn't do anything that Mike Madigan doesn't want.

From Pat Fee's Tax Repeal Site:
Democrat Stephanie Kifowit is supported by Pat Quinn and Chicago Speaker Michael Madigan and that’s why she opposes an immediate repeal of the 67% income tax increase.
And unfortunately, there’s more to this taxing story.
During Kifowit’s 9 years on the Aurora City Council, property taxes have increased by 49% and she even increased the taxes on emergency medical care.
Do you live near Aurora?  Get involved with Pat Fee by signing her Tax Repeal Petition today!

Repeal the Illinois Income Tax Hike - Candidates for State Representative

Have you had enough with high taxes?  Looking for candidates for the Illinois House of Representatives who support the rolling back of the 67% Pat Quinn income tax hike?  These candidates all want to "Repeal the Tax" and want to make it the law of the land. Do you live in one of these districts? Find out how you can get involved and help elected these leaders.

Candidates who will vote to repeal the 67% income tax increase from 2012:

Bob Kalnicky - Candidate for 98th District Illinois General Assembly

Pat Fee - Candidate for 84th District Illinois General Assembly

Kathy Smith - Candidate for the 111th District Illinois General Assembly

Susan Sweeney - Candidate for the 55th District Illinois General Assembly

John Lawson - Candidate for the 56th District Illinois General Assembly

Glenn Nixon - Candidate for the 79th District Illinois General Assembly

Find the Illinois House Republican Organization on Google+

Are you on Google+?  Head over there and find the Illinois House Republican Organization on Google+. You'll stay up to date on all things dealing with the various races around the state.
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