Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dan Beiser - The Critical Tax Hike Vote

Do you live 111th District? It includes communities such as: Alton, Bethalto, Wood River, East Alton, Roxana, South Roxana, Hartford, Mitchell, Pontoon Beach, Elsah and parts of Godfrey and Granite City.

If so, your current State Representative is Dan Beiser.  That's him over there on the right.  

Did you know he cast the deciding vote that jacked up our income taxes 67%?  His opponent, Kathy Smith, points out his voting record here on her Tax Repeal Site:  
Dan Beiser, Illinois State Representative, cast the critical 60th vote in the Illinois House of Representatives to approve the 67% income tax hike. While during previous campaigns Beiser had said he opposed tax increases, he joined with Pat Quinn to support the historic 67% income tax increase.  In fact, Dan Beiser votes with Pat Quinn and the Chicago Democrat Machine over 90% of the time in Springfield.
Help us spread this truth!  And step up and get involved with Kathy's race by volunteering here!
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