Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Report: "Mike Frerichs Is A Disaster"

From the Beachwood Reporter in describing the 'odds' of who is going to win on November 4th in the Illinois Treasurer's race:
Tom Cross is our next treasurer: 80 percent. As long as he keeps his mouth shut; Dem Frerichs is a disaster.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Illinois Truth Team Hits Traffic Milestone

With 10+ days to go in the month, we're pleased to report that traffic to the Illinois Truth Team has just hit our 'high water mark'.  We've already surpassed the total traffic, sessions, visits, and pageviews for the month of September and we have 10 more days to go.

Thanks to all of you readers who keep tuning into our coverage.  We'll be sure to stay on top of all things Illinois politics in the remaining couple of weeks until the November 4th General Election.

Judge Ann Callis Is Running For What Now?!?

One of our tipsters sent us over this image - which is a screenshot of a video posted by Mannie Jackson of Harlem Globetrotters fame.

In a video - and accompanying Facebook post, Mr. Jackson urges 'all Democrats' to get behind Ann Callis for "US Senate District 13".


Senate District 13?!?

You heard it here first, folks:  this is the work of the Frerichs Vortex!  Mike Frerichs and the damage done by his so-called "Frerichs Vortex" aren't finished, either.  Beware Democrats.  He's coming after you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Look Who's In the Background At The Quinn/Obama Rally in Chicago

Can you believe it?  Mike Frerichs brought his old friend - the "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign - to the President Barack Obama, Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin Rally.  Check out the photo in the Tweet/photo from the "Quinn for Illinois" Twitter handle above.

See him there?  Pretty shameless. the same time...hilarious!

Want to know where else this has happened?  Check out our post of embarrassing situations Mike has brought this sign to around Illinois.

SJ-R Endorses Congressman Rodney Davis For Re-Election

The Springfield State Journal-Register comes out swinging with a *very* strong endorsement of Congressman Rodney Davis this morning.  They say that Davis is knowledgeable and deserves another term and that he's far-and-away a better candidate that his challenger Ann Callis.
When Republican U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis starts talking about issues affecting the United States or Illinois' 13th Congressional District, it's hard not to stop and listen to what he has to say. 
That's because the first-term Congressman from Taylorville knows his stuff. 
He can explain complicated issues, he understands the needs of the 14 counties that make up the 13th, he works hard at the role he was elected to in 2012, and he's happy to stop and visit with anyone about what's happening in Congress — and not just during campaign season. 
...But he has shown a desire to set aside partisanship and instead work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to get things done. He points to his work on the controversial Farm Bill last year as an example, saying he was criticized by the right for his vote. 
“I believe no bill is perfect and there are times when you have to sit around a table and work toward a common sense solution,” he told The State Journal-Register editorial board last week. 
He noted that the 13th is split among Democrats and Republicans, something that is reflected in his voting record. Indeed, based on his votes, Ballotpedia identifies him as a moderate, right-of-center Republican. 
Davis also exhibited thoughtfulness and growth as a public servant when he admitted he learned a lot from last year's frustrating 16-day government shutdown. 
“I think many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle learned a lot, too, and it's something I never want to see again. Don't get me wrong, it took both parties to cause the government to shut down, but it took both parties to end it,” he said. 
“I'm also proud that we avoided even the discussion of another shutdown, because it wasn't helpful and all it did was solidify for the American people that Washington is too polarized.” 
Much of Davis' confidence and knowledge of national and local issues comes from the 16 years he worked as an aide to U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, R-Collinsville.
 #Guardiansofthe13th FTW!

Would There Be Outrage If A Republican Ran An Ad Targeting A Democrat Like This?

Over on Twitter, Congressional candidate Larry Kaifesh is getting hit with an ad that puts his photo right next to a 'terrorist' and calls into question his record on guns.

Could a Republican or Republican IE group get away with this type of connection drawing?  Would there be outrage saying that this is a bit too far to go in politics???

Listen...we don't think guns are a very good issue for us as a party.  We *get* that hunters and folks downstate and elsewhere want to have guns and that they lean on the '2nd Amendment'.  That's all fine and good.  But...when it comes to the suburbs, guns aren't going to win many votes - especially automatic weapons and such.

We can be 'for' recreational hunters and their weapons - and be true to the 2nd Amendment - but still come out and talk about limits on how many weapons, the type of weapons, and how long it takes to get one.  Putting in safeguards and not giving someone who lives in the suburbs a weapon that can take down hundreds of people in seconds just makes sense.

But, that's not the point here.  We really wonder:  would there be outrage if someone put a photo of Tammy Duckworth or Shelia Simon in a photo with a terrorist?  

Zero-for-Three: Is Governor Pat Quinn *That* Toxic?

In three different posts on Facebook where Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - flailed about regarding the rally (the one where they were desperate to get people there they begging people to attend?!?) - he did an interesting thing:

He failed to mention - at all - the guy who was the VIP at the Rally:  IL Governor Pat Quinn.

See all three posts below in order of appearance below.

Post 1:  Join who, Mike?  Just Barack Obama?

What about the guy who is supplying you with the tickets?  You know...the Governor of Illinois and the guy at the top of *your* ticket?

Post 2:  Excited to just have BO?  Are you *that* much of a fanboi?  What about the guy who's name is actually printed on the tickets?!?  No mention of him?

Post 3: Who did you rally with, Mike Frerichs?  Just the President?  Not...Pat Quinn?

So...what exactly is going on here?  Why is Mike Frerichs so desperate to distance himself from the Governor of Illinois? 

He didn't mention him once - in any of the posts - even though Governor Pat Quinn was the benefactor of the entire rally?  

Earmuffs Lead to Frerichs Getting Spurned By Fellow Dem Ticket Mates?

You guys likely remember the fateful 'earmuffs' photo that Mike Frerichs so proudly posted on his Facebook wall earlier this year.  We posted about it (for the first time) back in March here.

Here's the photo.  Pay particular attention to the other folks in the photo:

You'll notice 2 things:

1.  Not another person in the entire photo is wearing earmuffs.  Just Mike Frerichs.
2.  The other two politicians in the photo are State Senator Don Harmon and United States Senator Dick Durbin.

And....that's what makes this latest revelation so interesting.

Senator Durbin and State Senator Harmon have decided to distance themselves from Mike Frerichs and his earmuffs.  In fact, they've distanced themselves so much that Harmon decided to print up yard signs and leave off Mike "Earmuffs" Frerichs!

Check out the signs littering Harmon's district:

No Mike Frerichs?!?  What the what?!?

Seriously, though....Can you blame Don Harmon?  Would *you* want to be associated with Earmuffs??  He's likely heard about the Vortex, right?  Would you want hundreds of signs around town that tie you directly to the Frerichs Vortex?!?

Tom Cross Endorsed By Kane County Chronicle In Treasurer's Race

Six newspapers have endorsed in the Illinois Treasurer's race.  And all six of them have NOW endorsed Tom Cross for Treasurer over Mike Frerichs.

The latest in the Kane County Chronicle who backs Cross and his call for a balanced budget.  They also point out - rightfully - that Mike Frerichs voted for the massive Pat Quinn income tax hike and wants to bring new taxes to Illinois residents.

From the Endorsement:
Cross, the former House Republican leader, is a fiscal conservative who voted against Gov. Pat Quinn’s 67 percent income tax increase in 2011. 
Cross said he will use the office to force the General Assembly to follow its constitutional requirement to pass a balanced budget each year, even if it means filing a lawsuit. 
Frerichs, the former Champaign County auditor, voted for the income tax increase and has supported plans to institute a graduated income tax. 
We endorse Cross.

Check out the Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Tom Cross here.
Check out the Peoria Journal Star's endorsement of Tom Cross here.
Check out the Northwest Herald's endorsement of Tom Cross here.

2014 Illinois Voter Toolkit Is Online

Need to know if you are registered to vote in this fall's General Election here in Illinois?

Or...wondering where your early voting location is?

Then, look no further than the 2014 Illinois Voter Toolkit that you can access here.

Let's make sure that every vote counts this year!
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