Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Here's a "Life Pro Tip" For You Ann Callis Supporters

Don't you hate it when you leave a sticker on your car and it becomes a burden to remove?  The time is now, folks.  If you have one of those Ann Callis stickers, go ahead and take it off now.  That way, when she loses in November (which...if you're paying any attention at so very likely), you won't have to deal with the mess.

Ut-Oh! Ann Callis Fades and Rodney Davis Begins To Pull Away

Depressing news for Ann Callis, the College Dems who have worked so hard on her behalf, and the Democrat faithful:  She's fading.  Fast.

From Roll Call:
Freshman Rep. Rodney Davis entered the midterms as one of the most vulnerable Republicans on the map.
Not anymore.
In 2012, the former staffer for Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., won the 13th District by a mere 1,002 votes to a perennial Democrat panned by party operatives. This cycle, Democrats in Illinois and Washington, D.C., recruited former judge Ann Callis, billing her as a top-tier challenger who could win this Springfield-based swing seat. 
But nearly two months from Election Day, Republican operatives in the Land of Lincoln and Washington, D.C., are cautiously optimistic about Davis’ chances, thanks to his adept political skills and favorable tail winds behind the GOP in the midterms. At the same time, Republicans and, privately, Democrats say Callis has not lived up to her candidacy’s hype and or made the necessary inroads to win the district.

Latest Poll on Governor's Race: Identifying Pat Quinn's Problem in Illinois

We were just tipped this data from the latest "We Ask Some Of Illinois" Poll and it looks like the latest patronage scandal that has erupted in Pat Quinn's administration has taken a toll.  Voters are beginning to pinpoint that issue as one that is crippling the Quinn campaign's ability to connect with Illinois.

Stay tuned for more data points and results from the poll right here on the Truth Team.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We Ain't Buying It, Governor Pat Quinn

Just stop it, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.  People in Illinois *kinda* expect patronage.   After all, we've sent a few Governors to prison, right?

What they don't expect is their Governor lying to them about how it happened.  Shameful.

Breaking: Video Footage Of Pat Quinn's Patronage Hiring Process @ IDOT

We just got this image of the hiring process at IDOT under Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

On the left side of the image, you'll see the turnstile - that's the proper, normal way to get a job with IDOT here in Illinois.

The guys walking on the right?  They're part of Governor Pat Quinn's shady patronage hiring spree.  They skirt the rules.

No big deal, right?

Voters won't mind that Pat Quinn padded the State payroll with his cronies and stooges from the political world, right?

Quinn Campaign Tries - Desperately - To Change The Subject. Nope. Not A Chance.

The Pat Quinn for Illinois Governor's campaign is desperate to change the subject away from patronage and the record number of shady hires the Quinn Administration has made.  In fact, they've begun to flail about this morning with a release and documents that they claim will assure voters that Bruce Rauner isn't a moderate, but really he's a closet conservative.

Unfortunately, voters aren't that easily fooled, Pat.  Nice try changing the subject, though.  It got a few laughs out of the political class it seems:

No Schrute Bucks For You, Governor Pat Quinn!

It would be easy to point out how Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is in trouble with voters this fall.

With the full details about his NRI scandal coming to light in mid-October and the latest news that he's the patronage king, it seems like voters could easily point out the problems.

But Dwight Schrute thinks otherwise...

Listen, Pat Quinn. We Don't Have To Tell You That *This* Is Bad...

That's all voters need to know:  Self-styled 'everyday man' Pat Quinn (Hey!  Don't forget...he has tickets in the upper deck of Comisky Park, folks!  Really!  He's just like you and me who go to work everyday!  Seriously!  Trust us!) had even more shady jammed-through patronage hires at IDOT than his running mate and old boss Rod Blagojevich.  You guys remember him, don't ya?!?

Think Quinn likes being 'ahead' of old pal Rod in this category?  Not likely.

Define: Pat Quinn's Patronage

Big News!  We intercepted the 'welcome card' that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and his team were sending to the hundreds of new hires they were making for their friends and supporters through the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Check it out above.  This was sent to all the new Staff Assistants that Quinn hired in record numbers.

What's that?  You wanted a job? Who are you?  You're nobody?  Too bad.  Pat Quinn doesn't want nobody that nobody sent.

We think it was awfully nice of the Quinn Administration to put the definition into a nice easy-to-digest format like a SomeeCard, wasn't it?

The Endorsements *Would* Roll In For Governor Pat Quinn...

Too bad Illinois Governor Pat Quinn can't list "Patronage Hiring" as one of his skills on his Linkedin profile...

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