Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Attention Tammy Duckworth Team: It's Baghdad, Not Bagdad

You'd think that the staff at Tammy Duckworth's US Senate campaign would catch something like this:  the spelling of Baghdad on her announcement.  After all, this moment is SOOOOOOOO central to the Tammy Duckworth story and campaign.  

You'd think they'd spell the city where the incident occurred properly.

But...alas...they didn't get it right.  From her campaign site comes this screenshot:

Fumbled announcement.  Spelling errors.  Seems like we're going to have plenty to cover on this race.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tammy Duckworth Fumbles US Senate Rollout

All this 'yes she is', 'no she isn't', doesn't portray the Tammy Duckworth for United States Senate campaign in the best light.  Clearly...NOT the *worst* campaign rollout (ahem...Mike Frerichs), but not a good start for her campaign.  Why would you give her dough when she can't even get this straight?

Rich Miller, over at CapitolFax, labels this fumbled campaign announcement 'somewhat odd' and we have to agree.

Duckworth, will be facing off against Senator Mark Kirk - who is seeking re-election.  We'll be watching the Duckworth/Kirk race closely as we hope it will give us as much material as the Frerichs for Treasurer race ever did.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For Shame, Rahm. Earmuffs On Election Day? Really?

As we all know, real men don't wear earmuffs, Mr. Mayor.

What were Rahm Emanuel's handlers thinking?  Sending him out to greet voters sportin' a sweet pair of 'muffs?  That's bad.

But, then boasting about it on Twitter?  Come on.  Haven't seen State Treasurer Mike Frerichs sporting them since last winter.  He learned his lesson.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Governor Pat Quinn To Process: Screw You Guys...I'm Going Home

Bravo Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

Way to head out on a high note.

Mr. Treasurer: You've Learned Your Lesson!

Well, well, well...look at what Mr. Mike Frerichs - our newest Illinois State Treasurer showed up wearing at a Habitat for Humanity build this weekend:  gasp!  Work clothes!?!

Good for him.  He's clearly learned his lesson from the last time he did one of these things:  he wore a suit to the last one and we ridiculed him for it endlessly this past year.

But...as we learned the hard way...it didn't really matter.  Oh well.   The Truth Team did everything we could, but now we wish Mike well in his new job.  The State of Illinois is counting on you.

Congrats, Mike.  Here's hoping you don't wear any earmuffs on big inauguration day today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sheila Simon Carries On "Tree Planting" Tradition On Election Day

What a nice, thoughtful Election Day tradition from Comptroller candidate Sheila Simon where she planted a tree this am.  She says that her father started the tradition because that way they guaranteed 'something good would come from the day'.

Simon might be facing the slaughter rule tonight against Judy Baar Topinka, but we hope that she doesn't fade away from the political spotlight.  If...only for things like this and her rad "Throwback Thursday" postings...

Today's Best Fashion Statement In Illinois

The most important thing you can wear today isn't your sweet new jacket (or...earmuffs if you are Mike Frerichs!), but rather that simple 'I voted' sticker.

As we said earlier this year, this is all about 'participating'.  From March:
There's one thing I tell my son every weekend when we go to his basketball practice: I'm not asking you to be the best. I'm not asking you to be the star. All I'm asking you to do is to PARTICIPATE. 
From the full team here at the Illinois Truth Team that's all we're asking you to do: make sure you get one of these handsome stickers to wear around your office today.

Just do it. Participate.
We're rockin' our sticker today.  We hope you are, too.

Why We Did All Of This...

Here's the top 10 search terms that have come into the Truth Team recently.  The majority of the traffic came to us in the last 60 days was via search.  As you can see, we successfully intercepted lots of interested parties and shared the 'truth' with them.

Content marketing is a 'long game'.  It takes time to create the content, develop the authority, and connect with intended searches.

With Mike Frerichs running his 'measure up' tv spot, we successfully introduced thousands of voters to the 'real Mike Frerichs' on the web.


What Were Mike Frerichs And Lisa Madigan Discussing This AM?

Over on Twitter, Mike Frerichs posted this photo of himself with some other members of the Democrat ticket.  We have to ask:  What were Mike and Lisa Madigan discussing?!?

We'll make this multiple choice:

Was it...

A. Their shared participation in patronage scandals
B. The times Mike diss'd the Speaker and what he can do to get back in good graces
C. The Frerichs Vortex and what happened to Ann Callis

Monday, November 3, 2014

Top 5 Illinois Truth Team Posts From October 2014

October 2014 was the highest traffic month here on the Truth Team, so we first wanted to say 'thank you' to all of the readers who have come to check out our coverage and engaged with us online.

We thought it would be worthwhile to document the top 5 stories of the month.  These are the stories that had the most social shares, readers, and attention paid to them over the past 31 days.


5.  Trust A Retired Marine...Not the "Madigan Machine":   Where we revealed the latest Paul Schimpf for Illinois Attorney General radio ad.

4.  Governor Pat Quinn Asks If Buying Votes With Taxpayer Money Is A Crime?: Where we chronicle how Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's spokesperson wonders if 'buying votes' #IsACrime?!?

3.  Look Who's In the Background At The Quinn/Obama Rally in Chicago: Where we reveal the sad fact that Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - was caught holding up a 'Meet Mike Frerichs' sign at the Obama/Quinn rally.

2.  How Tall Is Politician Mike Frerichs?: Where we tell voters there are more important questions about Mike Frerichs than just wondering what his height really is during this election time.

1.  Like a Boomer Mom With A New iPhone, Mike Frerichs Insists On Posting Blurry Pictures on Facebook: Where we goof on Mike Frerichs for acting like our mother by posting a ridiculously blurry photo on Facebook.  (as is his standard practice!)
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