Saturday, October 25, 2014

Of Course! Mike Frerichs Rolls Out Infographic, Includes Errors

You remember the last time Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - rolled out a policy-based infographic, don't you?  He had five - count 'em - five mistakes/errors.

You can see one of them here where he used 'compliment' instead of 'complement'.  And you can see the full list of the mistakes here.

Well...this morning, "Tax Hike" Mike Frerichs rolled out another infographic.  This time about 'banking deserts'. typical Mike Frerichs campaign fashion, they goofed up.  We've cropped just a little bit of the infographic they so gleefully emailed around this morning.

Can you spot the mistake?

We'll give the Frerichs campaign some time to come clean and fix the graphic before we post the details of their errors.

Friday, October 24, 2014

You'll Never Believe What This Illinois Politician Wore On TV

Talk about self-important.  Mike Frerichs - who is running for Illinois State Treasurer - loves himself something good.  So much so, that he goes around wearing a 'sash'.  He's worn it plenty of times before (see some of them here), but this is the first time we've seen him wear one as he was about to go on television (Chicago Tonight).

Do we really need a politician in Illinois who wears a sash?  We don't think so.  Let's back someone who is a bit more real.  A bit more down to earth.  A bit more...can we say 'sash-less'?!?

Treasurer Candidate Backtracks On Israel Investments

After proclaiming earlier this year that the State of Illinois should "divest from Israeli bonds", candidate Mike Frerichs has backtracked (once again).

From July of this year:
Frerichs’ criticism of overseas investments also is at odds with his past voting record. As a Senator, Frerichs has supported overseas investments , but now as a candidate for Treasurer, Frerichs is leveling harsh criticism at the Treasurer’s global investment strategy.
One country that would be singled out under Frerichs’ plan is Israel. The office of Treasurer currently has $25 million invested in foreign bonds, all with the country of Israel.
More than 80 states and municipalities in the United States currently invest in Israel bonds. Last month the state of Ohio invested over $47 million in Israel bonds. Today, an Israel Bond with a 10 year maturity pays nearly 1.4% above the U.S. Treasury rate for the same length. Since the introduction of the bonds in 1951, Israel has never missed or defaulted on a payment.
And then from this week:

Which really seems to nail home what Mike Frerichs' hometown newspaper the Champaign News-Gazette said about him:
“But [Frerichs] clearly doesn’t know what he really thinks, and, when candidates don’t know what they believe, they say whatever seems convenient at the moment.”

Kendall County Record Endorses Tom Cross For Treasurer

Tom Cross' campaign for Illinois State Treasurer continues to power on with his latest newspaper endorsement:  The Kendall County Record.

From the Record:
"We endorse Cross in this election based on his impressive record over the past 20 years as a state representative serving northeastern Kendall County. A Yorkville High School graduate and Oswego resident who went on to become the Republican House Minority Leader, Cross helped secure millions of dollars in state funding for a myriad of local public works projects over the past two decades. Those funds helped local school districts pay for new schools, for widened highways... Cross has also been responsive to the concerns of his constituents."

Three Cheers For Jim Oberweis On Marriage Equality

The Milk Dud changed.  Nice.  We're proud of the campaign Oberweis is running this time around.  He still is a long shot, but he's not shooting himself in the foot this go-around.  The wingnuts have to be going absolutely crazy.
GOP Senate nominee Jim Oberweis said he would support a federal marriage-equality measure at Wednesday’s debate with rival Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., after voting against a gay-marriage bill as a state senator and maintaining his opposition throughout his Senate bid. 
“I think there is no arguing it any longer. At this point, I would say yes,” Oberweis said as he reversed his long-held objection to gay marriage at the debate, televised by ABC7 in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Illinois.

Farmers From Across Illinois To Serve on Agenda Setting Committee

Tom Cross - candidate for Illinois Treasurer announced this week the formation of his 'Agricultural Advisory Committee' that included membership from farmers around the State of Illinois.  Cross said that the committee will help set the 'Ag Agenda' for the Illinois Treasurer's office and is a big step for the Ag community around Illinois.

Cross has made accountability and balanced budgets a big part of his platform for Treasurer and his outreach to farmers - by farmers- in Illinois is a strong sign to Southern Illinois of his commitment to their communities.

To learn more about the Ag Advisory Committee or Tom Cross, visit his website at:

From Tom Cross' campaign site come these details:
The Cross Agricultural Advisory Committee includes:
  • Chairman Philip Nelson, LaSalle County, Grain and Livestock
  • Mike Martz, DeKalb County, Beef Producer
  • David Uhlman, Tazewell County, Grain 
  • Eldon Gould, Kane County, Grain and Livestock
  • Keith Mussman, Kankakee, Egg Producer
  • George Obernagel, Monroe County, Farmer
  • Troy Uphoff, Shelby County, Grain and Livestock
  • Kent Schleich, Fulton County, Beef and Corn
  • Gary Ash, First Farm Credit
  • John Slayton, US Bank of Springfield 
  • Jim Schielein, Lee County, Grain
  • Alan Entwistle, Sangamon County, Grain and Livestock
  • Brian Duncan, Ogle County, Pork and Grain
  • John Kellogg, Kendall County, Grain
  • Marty Schwartz, Kendall County, Pork
Philip Nelson, Chairman of the Cross Agricultural Advisory Committee, said input from farmers and those involved in the agricultural industry is critical to good policy development. 
“Tom Cross has always worked hard on behalf of Illinois’ agricultural industry, fighting hard in Springfield for lower taxes and less regulation and red tape,” said Nelson. “Forming a Agricultural Advisory Committee reflects Tom’s commitment to work with farmers to develop good policy and achieve meaningful results for one of Illinois largest economic drivers—Agriculture.”

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Report: "Mike Frerichs Is A Disaster"

From the Beachwood Reporter in describing the 'odds' of who is going to win on November 4th in the Illinois Treasurer's race:
Tom Cross is our next treasurer: 80 percent. As long as he keeps his mouth shut; Dem Frerichs is a disaster.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Illinois Truth Team Hits Traffic Milestone

With 10+ days to go in the month, we're pleased to report that traffic to the Illinois Truth Team has just hit our 'high water mark'.  We've already surpassed the total traffic, sessions, visits, and pageviews for the month of September and we have 10 more days to go.

Thanks to all of you readers who keep tuning into our coverage.  We'll be sure to stay on top of all things Illinois politics in the remaining couple of weeks until the November 4th General Election.

Judge Ann Callis Is Running For What Now?!?

One of our tipsters sent us over this image - which is a screenshot of a video posted by Mannie Jackson of Harlem Globetrotters fame.

In a video - and accompanying Facebook post, Mr. Jackson urges 'all Democrats' to get behind Ann Callis for "US Senate District 13".


Senate District 13?!?

You heard it here first, folks:  this is the work of the Frerichs Vortex!  Mike Frerichs and the damage done by his so-called "Frerichs Vortex" aren't finished, either.  Beware Democrats.  He's coming after you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Look Who's In the Background At The Quinn/Obama Rally in Chicago

Can you believe it?  Mike Frerichs brought his old friend - the "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign - to the President Barack Obama, Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin Rally.  Check out the photo in the Tweet/photo from the "Quinn for Illinois" Twitter handle above.

See him there?  Pretty shameless. the same time...hilarious!

Want to know where else this has happened?  Check out our post of embarrassing situations Mike has brought this sign to around Illinois.
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