Friday, August 29, 2014

Is Congressman Brad Schneider About To Be Embroiled In Plagiarism Problem?

We were just sent this screenshot: As posted by a political consultant over on Facebook you'll see what has been labeled a "John Walsh problem" for Congressman Brad Schneider.

Who's John Walsh and what is the problem?  Check out this CBS News story titled:  Sen. John Walsh retreats from campaign amid plagiarism charges.

Anyway...back to Brad Schneider and his race for re-election to Congress:  Check out the screenshot above that shows a copy/pasted (with a few name changes) email campaign that Congressman Schneider is putting out that looks identical John Foust, a politician from Virginia has been sending.

Now...this certainly isn't a research paper, but we think it is worth noting/discussing.

Do voters deserve to know that Brad Schneider is playing from someone else's playbook?  That he's clearly not in control of his own story?  In fact, he's wholesale copying - verbatim - pleas to voters from someone else in control?

We'd think so?

Wouldn't you?

Mike Frerichs' Campaign Mea Culpa On Infographic Errors?

We were just sent this footage of what appears to be a confession of the Mike Frerichs' campaign staffer who was responsible for the debacle that their Eco-Ag infographic has become.

What was first seen as a 'cleanly landed' position paper, has turned into a huge quagmire for the campaign.  We can go into the timeline on another post, but the chaos this has caused is quite breathtaking.

At least, the Frerichs' staffer has an explanation:  can you blame him after seeing this?

Time Well Spent By The Mike Frerichs For Treasurer Campaign?

We were just leaked this breakdown of the time sheets that have been submitted by the staff and "Fellows" to the campaign manager on the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign.

The good news?  They're actively interviewing for the proofreading role.

The bad news?  The candidate is demanding A LOT of their time to tend to his earmuffs.

Whodathunk that being a "Fellow" would entail such glamorous tasks?!?  Who wants to apply next?

This Isn't True For All Illinois Politicians and Campaigns

But it certainly rings true for at least one statewide campaign.

Thanks to the tipster for sending in the meme.  Have something to say - in meme form - about the latest round of Mike Frerichs' gaffes/mistakes, drop it here:

Latest Press Release Out Of Mike Frerichs for Treasurer Campaign: "That's Unpossible"

In one of the most bizarre press releases we here at the Illinois Truth Team have ever seen issued by a statewide campaign, it appears that the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign team have sent out a simple five word release. was in .gif format.

We're sharing it here without comment:

We're Starting To Think Less And Less Of Yale University, Everyday...

You know...we always *kinda* thought pretty highly of Yale University.  We thought it pumped out some pretty smart people.

But, we have to be honest.  We don't quite hold Yale University with the same esteem we once did.

It is funny:  a really brilliant alum who does extraordinary things and tackles amazing projects might open our minds and make us consider the school they graduated from in a much more flattering light.

The same goes for the opposite.

Our 700th Post! Thank You, Illinois Truth Teamers!

Wow...we can hardly believe it: We've just crossed the 700th post mark when it comes to published posts here on the Illinois Truth Team.

It was back in late July that we crossed the 500 post mark and we haven't looked back.  We've poured on more than 150 posts just in the month of August of 2014 which makes it the most prolific month of production in our history.

Having so much going on in politics and the ever-shifting political landscape in Illinois has been a great stimulus for our content production.

Importantly...we wouldn't be doing this if you guys were there on the other end:  reading our content, subscribing to our daily email, sharing it on email/social, and sending us tips/memes/gifs and encouragement.

We're just about two months away from Election Day in November.  We really want to make a difference by helping telling the right stories and supporting good candidates.  Together, we can have an impact.  Thanks for helping us along the way.

Exclusive Footage: Mike Frerichs Campaign HQ This Morning

We just received this exclusive footage of what appears to be a pizza delivery man who showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Here he is walking into the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer office down in Champaign.  (You remember the one?  It is the one that they failed to pay property taxes on for seven+ years???)

With all the turmoil the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer's campaign has gone through, we're - frankly - not surprised by the looks of the office.

We mean....last night must have been a doozy:  trying to find all those errors in their own infographic?

Couple that with the shame they felt after posting a hilarious "not impressed" photo on their own Twitter handle?

It's gotta be like Lord of the Flies in there these days.

Reminder: This Statewide Campaign Appears To Still Be Looking For a Proof Reader?

In light of the latest - and hilarious - spree of mistakes, word choice errors and punctuation problems out of the Mike Frerichs campaign, we wanted to remind folks that a campaign is still looking for a solution.  The job posting over on Craigslist appears to be active?

They DESPERATELY need the help.

Will Tax Hike Mike's Team Beat The Monday Deadline?

That's the big question.  What do you think?  Will they get in the rest of the changes by Monday?  Or will we have to fully embarrass them by documenting ALL of the problems they had with their big "Eco-Ag" infographic?

Let's give them some music to work against today:

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