Thursday, September 18, 2014

Helpful 'Week-At-A-Glance' Calendar for Mike Frerichs

We wanted to make sure Mike Frerichs and his campaign for State Treasurer weren't in this position again - where they confuse a radio program that is on everyday with one that is on just one day a week.

So...we went ahead and made Mike Frerichs his one 'at-a-glance' calendar with a helpful reminder on what happens on Sunday:

Latest Data: People Who Confuse Days Of The Week

Two of these are pretty well established.  But...yesterday, candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs earned his place on this chart with his performance.  Impressive to see him move up so fast in terms of ranking.

Statement from Mike Frerichs On Their Latest Illinois Campaign Blunder

We just got word of a statement read on behalf of the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign.  It seems to corroborate the fact that they confused a radio show that took place on a Wednesday with one they *thought* took place on a Sunday morning.  With totally different hosts.  Who...sound totally different from each other.

We'll post it here in totality:

Leaked Footage: Mike Frerichs' Campaign Team Driving In This AM

We thought it was only in Russia that people have 'dash cams', but apparently some folks on the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer campaign have them too.

But...the odd thing about them? point the camera out over the hood of the car to capture what is happening in front of you.

But...the Frerichs team?  Nope.  As we all know, they adore the selfie.  And they post dozens of them to Facebook.  So...they have their 'dash cam' facing inward.

Unfortunately for them, the camera captured the very moment they heard via phone what had happened with their latest press release:  it was a disaster.  And they're on their way into the office to hear all about it.  All. Day. Long.

Reminder: All Mike Frerichs Wants Is To Be the Democrat Nominee

This likely explains a lot of the issues Mike Frerichs has been facing with his campaign for Treasurer:  On his site, he says that he aspires and 'hopes' to earn the support of voters to be the next Democratic nominee for State Treasurer here in Illinois.

We posted about this on Tuesday and they still haven't fixed it.

So...we're operating under the assumption that being the nominee is, indeed, all Mike Frerichs 'hopes' to be in this race.

He doesn't really want to win it?

Nope.  Just like the folks who lose come Oscar time, Mike Frerichs - and his big, sad bag full of mistakes - is just happy to be nominated.

"Oops, I Did It Again", The Mike Frerichs Campaign Saga

You should have seen the high-fives being tossed around in Champaign yesterday afternoon.  The Mike Frerichs campaign team were hootin' and hollerin' about the 'slam' they got in on their opponent Tom Cross.

They even went out for a basket of onion rings at TGIFriday's over on Neil Street.  They drank water (of course) because they're trying to hit home the whole minimum wage thing, right?

Then...terror struck this morning.  They had failed to even cite the right source for their release.  They confused Rick Pearson with Steve Cochran on WGN.

The latest in a long string of bumbling errors is perhaps the most telling:  right when the lights are shining the brightest and voters are starting to pay attention to the fall campaigns, the Frerichs campaign does what they do best:  stub their own toe with an unforced error.

We've said it before, but it is worth repeating:  Mike Frerichs isn't ready for primetime.  Mike Frerichs isn't ready to be the Illinois State Treasurer.

Exclusive Footage: Mike Frerichs Reaction To This Morning's News

We were just shared this exclusive dropcam footage of Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs as his campaign staff informed him that he screwed up again - in spectacular fashion:

Seems so very appropriate that when the Frerichs' campaign issues their 'hit' press release, they can't even get the sources cited right.  This is, after all, the guy who had to re-do his 'launch' video because he lied about his own voting record in it.

Mike Frerichs isn't ready for primetime.  Mike Frerichs isn't ready to be the Illinois State Treasurer.

Treasurer's Candidate Mike Frerichs Got It Wrong on Facebook, Too!

Of all the places to screw up?!?  On Mike Frerichs' beloved Facebook wall where he breathlessly posts selfies and earmuff photos?

Yep.   Sad but true.

He posted the same boneheaded mistake where he confused Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune with Steve Cochrane of WGN Radio.

Check it out here:

Oh no's!  Another error/mistake/blunder from team Mike Frerichs?  You don't say.

Hey Mike Frerichs....A Little Media Lesson For You?

We know it is tough to comprehend for you, Mike Frerichs.  What...with all that is going on in the Treasurer's race?  And...all the selfies you have to post on your Facebook wall?  We know that takes time and attention.

But...a mistake like this is easy to avoid.

Here's a lesson: Rick Pearson.  He hosts the Sunday Spin on WGN Radio:

He's the guy who you claimed was interviewing Tom Cross. were wrong.

*This* is Steve Cochran.  He's the morning drive guy on WGN:

He's the guy who actually was interviewing Tom Cross.  

For a guy running for statewide office, it is kind of embarrassing to confuse the two, isn't it?

Boy...that Yale education sure is paying off!  Germanic Studies FTW!

Mike Frerichs Opens Mouth, Gets It Wrong In Glorious Fashion (Again)

Oh, we thank the lord for Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs and his continued giving of mistakes and flubs.  

Yesterday, the Frerichs' campaign posted to their site a release that 'slams' his opponent Tom Cross.  (And...we say 'posted' to their site only because they tried to shop around the release to reporters but no one would take it/write about it, so their site was their only option!). glorious Mike Frerichs fashion, they screwed up.  In between their breathlessly worded criticisms, they failed to actually listen to the program that they were citing.  You can see for yourself here on the Frerichs site.

There are lots of mistakes, but let's look at the biggest one.  In four spots (and...we'll get to social in another post!), they point to an appearance on "The Sunday Spin" with Rick Pearson as the source for the comments made by Tom Cross.

Unfortunately....they were said on the Steve Cochran show on WGN.  On a Wednesday.

Way to go Team Frerichs!  Even in your releases where you try to whack your opponent, you can't get anything right!  We wouldn't expect anything less from you, Mike!
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