Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wow! Most Posts Ever On Truth Team This Month

We knew things would pick up as we came close to Election Day here in Illinois, but with a day+ to go, the month of October 2014 is going to be our biggest month in terms of post volume.

177 posts.  Wow.  We wouldn't be doing this if it didn't matter so much.

Voters have a big chance to make a big difference on Tuesday.  Do your part.  Vote for good candidates.

Halloween At Rahm Emanuel's House

Nobody is going to be happy if they trick-or-treat at Da Mare's house this year...

H/T Dan Proft.

Mike Frerichs Stays At Paul Simon's House On Campaign Trail

Yesterday, Mike Frerichs was crowing about his whereabouts all day on social media and he capped off his day with a post that a tween would have posted where he boasted about where he was staying for the night.

As you can see above, there are 8 photos included in his posting. turns out there was a bit more footage that Mike Frerichs left off his Facebook post.

We were lucky enough to get this footage straight from the late Senator Simon's security cameras of Mike Frerichs as he tried to figure out how to use the miniature fixtures in the bathroom:

What Is Stopping The Minimum Wage In Illinois?

From out in the Twitters, comes a question for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn:

The official response?

Illinois AFL-CIO Asks Voters To Do Something *VERY* Personal

We don't know how we feel about this request of voters.  Really gives a new meaning to the whole 'organized labor' thing, eh?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What It Feels Like To Be Governor Pat Quinn *Right Now*

Busted!  Ohhh...Pat, Pat, Pat.  You were almost in the clear with your scheme to spread around taxpayer money to buy votes this fall.  But...those pesky spokespeople just can't get out of your way.

A TV ad is going to be worse than the jumbotron...


Exclusive Footage Of David Roeder, Governor Pat Quinn's Spokesman From DCEO

See him there?  

Right behind the reporter? 

That's right after the press picked up the fact that he said this:
But lately Mr. Quinn has authorized some big-money discretionary grants to companies that agree to expand in Illinois. Like Amazon, many had strong business reasons to add staff here without state funding. This month alone, the governor gave a total of $22 million to four Illinois-based companies. We’re talking direct transfers of state money here, not loans or tax credits. 
I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the same thing: The governor is giving away our money to generate favorable headlines about new jobs in Illinois a month before voters decide whether or not to give him another term. 
The commerce spokesman acknowledges a halo effect. “In most cases, I think the timing largely had to do with the companies and when they were able to go forward,” he says, but adds, “We have a good story to tell — and do I want to tell it before Nov. 4? Yes. Is that a crime?”
Emphasis, ours.

We'd 'head for ze hills' too, David.

Question for Governor Pat Quinn: How Do You Create Jobs?

Answer: "It is easy."

The problem?  Those 'dollar, dollar bills' are yours - the taxpayer's.


Breaking: Footage Of Negotiations With State Of Illinois

We were just shared this breaking footage of the folks over at from late last week after Governor Pat Quinn brazenly shelled out taxpayer cash to make it look like he's generating jobs.

Can you blame Amazon?  Someone 'makes it rain' like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn does ahead of his re-election effort, don't you dance, too?

Exclusive Footage Of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's "Job Creation Program"

Who would have thunk?  If it worked for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to spread around some cash - YOUR CASH - to buy some votes in 2010, why wouldn't he try it again this time?

Shame on him.  But...if we vote to put this guy back in office next Tuesday, the shame will be on us.
“Pat Quinn is already under federal investigation for misusing millions in October of 2010, and now it looks like he’s pumped out half a billion dollars this month to boost his campaign once again. He’s throwing around taxpayer money in October in the hopes of raising your taxes in November. Throwing around more money in the last six days won’t change the harm Pat Quinn has caused Illinois over the last six years.”
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