Monday, July 28, 2014

Congressman Mike Quigley: Roving Reporter for WGN?

In this story up on the Sun-Times, it appears that Congressman Mike Quigley is holding the WGN TV microphone up to ensure that it captures all the audio.  New side gig for him?

And Now...Mike Frerichs' *Own* Campaign Staff Spell His Name Wrong As Part of "Rapid Response"

Looks like the Mike Frerichs campaign staffer tasked with 'triage' in the Capitol Fax comments fat-fingered his own boss' name.  Yes: His.Own.Boss.

Based on the content of the comment, it is VERY clear that either someone directly ON the Frerichs for Treasurer payroll or a big, big supporter of his posted this.  No one else would go to these lengths.

Might help bolster your point next time if you actually spell the big guy's name right, DateNight aka Frerichs campaign sock puppets.

Senator Mark Kirk Fundraising Off Michelle Obama Rumor

One of our readers sent us over this photo of a fundraising letter they received over the weekend from United States Senator Mark Kirk.  

The Senator's team is using the 'rumor' of First Lady Michelle Obama possibly running for his US Senate Seat in 2016 as a fundraising device. And...a good one at that!  He points out the similarities between what Michelle Obama has said to what was said about Hillary Clinton before she ran for US Senate from New York.

From the letter:
I'm not one to believe rumors or engage in political gossip, but when it comes to defending the Illinois Senate seat that I'm honored to hold, I take any and all potential threads seriously...all Illinois Republicans should.   
While the press and rumor mills ponder the "will she or won't she?" question with regard to Michelle Obama...and the circumstances (and denials) are reminiscent of 1999 when First Lady Hillary Clinton was the subject of whirlwind speculation about a run for the United State Senate...we must build up my campaign so we can vigorously defend this seat -- no matter whose name is on the ballot on the Democrat side.  

Sad Jack White Reflects On Illinois Politics & Campaign Donations

As you have likely seen, he's making the rounds, but the folks on WGN caught Jack White as he contemplated what all those folks have done with their donations to the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign.  We'd be bummed, too, Jack.

Frerichs Campaign Blaming The Truth Team For Their Problems?!?

Looks like one of the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer campaign staffer is venting after what must have been a tough morning at campaign headquarters.  And...guess who they're blaming?  Us!

To be perfectly fair, we've only talked about his height a few times.  We *have* however gassed up on how he held his own "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign a bunch.

This Is NOT The Way Mike Frerichs Wanted To Celebrate His Birthday

 Our favorite latex salesman candidate for Illinois State Treasurer woke up this morning - on his 41st birthday - and took a long, hot shower.  He had to keep his 'crying face' away from everyone.  Our sources sent us this footage:

A birthday is supposed to be a happy day, right?  But, when you're running for State Treasurer and you wake up to reading this complete dismantling of your campaign by Capitol Fax's Rich Miller in Crains, you can't help but take a shower-cry.

From Crains' Chicago Business:
Back in January, state Sen. Michael Frerichs formally kicked off his campaign for Illinois state treasurer and posted a video online touting the fact the he’d ended “free, lifetime health care for state legislators.” 
Actually, Frerichs had voted against that bill in the General Assembly. Frerichs’ campaign had to pull the video and replace it with a new one, even though he’d been planning his formal launch for at least a year. 
In April, Frerichs appeared to flip-flop on his long-standing position that the comptroller’s and treasurer’s offices should be merged. 
“People have said to me,” Frerichs told a WBBM Radio interviewer, “‘Wouldn’t it just be a lot more efficient if we just had one financial officer?’ And I’ve said yes, we could become very efficient, efficient like the city of Dixon, Illinois, who just had one chief financial officer and she was able, from this small little town, over several years to take something like $52 million away from them.” 
Frerichs was quickly forced to restate his support for the office merger.
Then...the Truth Team's video of IEA's 'endorsement' (we use that term lightly based on what they said at the event) made the piece.  You can go read the whole thing yourself.  If you're backing Mike Frerichs, it isn't pretty.  

Candidate Facebook Weekend: Senger, Cross, Webster, Cuba Township GOP, Bost, Rutherford

This weekend was a busy time out on the trail for candidates and Republican political organizations.  With less than 100 days to go to Election Day, folks are starting to get fired up!

As we do every Monday, let's take a look around Facebook to see what some candidates and organizations have been up to.

First up, Congressional candidate Darlene Senger walked along with Illinois State Treasurer's candidate Tom Cross and Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner out in Aurora at the Puerto Rican Heritage Festival Parade.

Illinois Secretary of State candidate Mike Webster stopped in New Lenox at Proud American Days and lent a hand at the grill with the New Lenox Republican Organization.

Tom Weber, Nick Sauer, Steve Mountsier from Cuba Township helped man the Republican Booth at the Lake County Fair.

Congressional candidate Mike Bost shook some hands out in Smithton at their Homecoming Parade.  

And...For the third weekend in a row, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford didn't post anything about his whereabouts over the weekend.  Bummer.

According to Social Media Friend, Mike Frerichs for Treasurer Campaign "Going Nowhere"

The Twitter handle Illinois Majority - who has been flailing about recently on behalf of all the statewide candidates - tweeted this beauty last night on behalf of Tax Hike Mike Frerichs:

But...when you go to that page, it only lists a bunch of old events.  As in...they already happened.

We suppose that's EXACTLY where "Mike Frerichs is headed next in his run for Treasurer":  nowhere.

Another social media mistake for the worst.campaign.ever in Illinois.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Reason #12 To Back Paul Schimpf for AG: He'll Protect Veteran's Access to VA Hospitals

This morning, Republican Candidate for Illinois Attorney General Paul Schimpf released the 3rd (or 12th if you're counting down!) reason to support him this fall over Lisa Madigan.  

We've already covered reason #14: He'll protect Illinois residents medical and financial privacy when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (aka 'Obamacare').

And reason #13: He'll Protect Pensions Under Constitution.

From the Schimpf campaign, the #12 reason to support Paul is that he'll protect veteran's access to VA hospitals:
Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf unveiled Reason #12 of the 14 Reasons to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014 on WTAD’s Morning Meeting hosted by Bryan Nichols and Sean Secrease. Schimpf, who is counting down these reasons leading up to the election in November, stated:

“Having been on the receiving end of socialized medicine and medical rationing for 24 years of service in the Navy and the Marine Corps, I can understand and empathize with what Illinois veterans are facing when trying to access their promised medical care. I believe that the Illinois Attorney General’s mandate to protect consumers includes helping veterans get access to their health benefits. Based on this perspective and my experience, I can do a better job than Lisa Madigan of addressing abuses in the care of Illinois veterans by the Veterans Administration.”

Darlene Senger Debuts New Ad in Race Against "Do-Nothing" Congressman Bill Foster

In an email blast, Congressional Candidate Darlene Senger told her supporters about the debut of her new web video that contrasts her opponent Bill Foster with her record and goals in Washington.

Here's the email intro:

The rest of the note includes:
My campaign is going to work tirelessly till the election to help get my message of lower taxes, smaller government and more opportunity to voters within the district. And with your help, after the election I will be working to make those ideas a reality. Can I count on you today for a contribution of $50 so that 1,000 more people can see our new video?
And here's the video you can watch:

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