Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014: Our Best Month Ever At The Illinois Truth Team

That chart right up top there shows you the pageview growth we here at the Illinois Truth Team have experienced over the past month.  Thanks to ALL OF YOU, February 2014 was our 'biggest month' yet in terms of traffic, visitors, time on site, and just about every other meaningful metric when it comes to web traffic.

Even with fewer days, we managed to more than double the numbers from January - which was our previous high-traffic mark.

We thank all of you for reading, submitting things, and most of all....half-way laughing with us through the entire month.  The primary is just a few weeks away and we're going to hit it hard so we hope you'll stay tuned to the Illinois Truth Team and help us tell good stories in Illinois Politics.

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

Following politics is stressful.  As you can imagine, not all politicians are as fun to cover as say a guy like DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan.  Unfortunately for us here at the Truth Team....most folks running for office can actually spell. 

So let’s take a little break from the constant clowning on politicians and clown on something a bit different.

In what seems to be a degenerate adult version of capture the flag, a couple Quincy area motorcycle gangs got into it over some motorcycle gang vests. I have always thought motorcycle gang vest are quite hideous and normally the patches are scary, but to each their own.
Timothy E. Jackson, 56, of Roodhouse, was convicted of aggravated robbery and robbery charges after a four-day trial. Jackson was the first of three members of the Midwest Percenters motorcycle club to take the stand in his own defense. He was one of four club members who penned in two members of the Tunnel Rats motorcycle club, demanding they hand over their leather club vests. One of the victims said Joseph E. Teel pointed a gun at his fellow Tunnel Rats' head and yelled, "Take them off, or I'll blow your (expletive) head off."
Crazy right? Percenters vs Tunnel Rats! Threatening a life over a lousy vest, probably made in China! But it turns out they had good the greatest reason.
Jackson said that the Tunnel Rats members needed to be disciplined because they had driven past a group of Percenters members and made a derogatory hand gesture toward them. One of the victims testified that Jackson yelled, "This isn't a (expletive) game. We'll (expletive) kill you. Give us your (expletive) cuts." Jackson was one of the leaders of the club and was dubbed "the Warlord."
If anyone runs into a Percenter member - probably at a Mark Twain event - ask them if they voted to make Jackson a warlord!?!?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Overheard At the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer Campaign Office: Black Lung

One of our tipsters sent this image and a video of Democrat Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - at his campaign headquarters this morning after reading all the news about his involvement in what appears to be a money laundering scheme at the Department of Natural Resources.

That dirty coal money does a number on your system, doesn't it Mike?

You've seen the .gif, now check out the footage!

Where We Welcome Back Bill Hyers to Illinois Politics

News this week is that Governor Pat Quinn has gotten around to hiring his 'top strategist' for his campaign:  Bill Hyers, who has Illinois roots (which is nice!).  We're awfully impressed by his resume.

He knows Illinois well, but we wanted to introduce ourselves.  Hopefully you'll get to know us here at the Truth Team over the next nine months.

Welcome (back) to the Thunderdome, Bill.  Have a headshot we can make into a regular meme?

Does this one work?

If not, drop us the one you want us to use at  Thanks!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dem Watch: Democrat Treasurer's Candidate Mike Frerichs and Money Laundering

It didn't take the readers of the Illinois Truth Team long to submit some LULZ around Democrat Mike Frerichs and his alleged involvement in what seems to be a money laundering scheme involving Democrats at various levels of the Party.

You can read the original story about Mike Frerichs being involved with a scandal at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources here on our site.


Democrat Mike Frerichs Needs To Return "Tainted" Campaign Donations

It seems that Democrat for Illinois Candidate Mike Frerichs has learned well from his cronies from the Chicago Democrat Machine when it comes to raising dirty money for his political campaign.

This time, Mike Frerichs - who wants to be trusted to look after the State's finances - is caught up in a scandal involving some allegations of 'improperly accepting campaign contributions'.

The details of the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer and Pat Quinn for Governor campaign finance problem can be found on
Gov. Pat Quinn and State Sen. Mike Frerichs, both candidates for statewide election, found themselves caught up this week in an investigation involving campaign contributions and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 
“After all the damage that’s been done to our state’s reputation on ethics, you’d think Gov. Quinn and Sen. Frerichs would know better,” said Andrew Welhouse, communications director for the Illinois Republican Party. “At the very least, both Gov. Quinn and Sen. Frerichs need to return this tainted cash immediately, and any other contributions they’ve had funneled to them in a similar way.”
...“Illinois deserves better than this,” Welhouse said. “Gov. Quinn shouldn’t stand for his public employees using their taxpayer-funded jobs to grease the wheels of the Democrats’ campaign operation. And why should the taxpayers trust Mike Frerichs with their tax dollars if he’s not even willing to separate himself from this kind of scandal?
 Mike Frerichs can talk all he wants about "clean soil and water" (which you can see he is doing on Facebook), but why has he been silent on this "dirty money"?    Seems he's hoping this just goes away, doesn't it?

Why don't you start talking about that "Dirty Money", Mike?  We're sure your Facebook fans would like to hear about how you're collecting your contributions.

Take the Joe Walsh/LGBT Champion News Poll

Over on the Illinois Truth Team's Facebook Page, Lennie Jarratt from Champion News posted this request:
Please come register your vote in our new poll: Is Joe Walsh correct, is the LGBT community a group of "Constitutional Terrorists"?
We're guessing that the Truth Team might have a few things to say about this, right?  Go provide your input by voting here.  

Compare the Candidates: Ron Sandack vs. Keith Matune

This mail piece was shared with us via Twitter and with all the increased attention to the race between Ron Sandack and Keith Matune, we thought it would be worth sharing.

The takeaway here is:  "The Choice Is Clear."

We can't agree more.  We've been consistent from the start here on the Truth Team.  We're backing Ron Sandack.  Not because of what he's done.  But because of who he is.

We're, unashamed, rooters for the ILGOP.  And we know that if the ILGOP is to survive, let alone win races, we need more guys like Ron Sandack - who is energetic, smart, and willing to do the right thing while standing for smaller government and fiscal sanity.

As for Keith Matune, the fatal blow isn't his arrest record (while that isn't a positive thing), rather it is unfettered willingness (and some may even say 'enthusiasm') for raising property taxes.

Let's stop him at the School board before Keith Matune can raise even more of our taxes.

If you want to see everything we've written on Ron Sandack, you can check out our Ron Sandack Archives here.

Now *THAT'S* How You Audit Somebody. (Ahem..Pay Attention Bob Grogan - @VoteGrogan )

There has been plenty of ink spilled on the news surrounding Bill Holland - the Illinois Auditor General - releasing a report on a crazy amount of waste involved in an sham anti-violence program that Governor Pat Quinn rolled out on the South Side of Chicago right ahead of his 2010 election campaign.  Some are calling it a 'slush fund' that helped Quinn win some critical support.

It tells us a slightly different story.   And speaks to the real power of an Auditor.  When they're actually doing their job and not being totally absent from their job while they campaign for political office.

From the Tribune:
A state audit released today criticizes the spending and management practices of a $55 million, taxpayer-funded anti-violence program for Chicago and Cook County that Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn launched in 2010 as he was engaged in a tough election campaign. 
The report by Auditor General William Holland said the program was "hastily implemented," failed to target some of the highest crime neighborhoods in Chicago and relied on recommendations from Chicago aldermen and community organizers rather than a more objective process to select which community organizations should get funding.
Shame not all Auditors can be as effective, right?  

Seems that we've covered DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan and his poor performance before.  You can see the story here about how not only did Grogan blow his budget up (hello Big Government!) he also conducted just three tiny audits in one year (while the guy in Will County did 57.  Yes!   3 vs. 57 during the same timeframe!).

We intercepted a note that Bill Holland - the Auditor General - sent to Bob Grogan.   We have to agree with Mr. Holland.  And at the same time, feel bad for taxpayers in DuPage County.

Bruce Rauner Still Out Front In A Big Way

See the Full Poll Results at
Over at, they've posted their latest 2014 Republican Gubernatorial Poll that shows Bruce Rauner still out in front with more than 35% of the poll.  The most dramatic numbers (to us at least) are the Dan Rutherford ones.  He's polling at just 7%.  

In a post titled "Von Rauner Express", they say:
Naturally, the other GOP gubernatorial candidates are hoping that the slings and arrows aimed at Mr. Rauner will finally derail his steady rise in the polls (see chart, below) and give their bare-cupboard campaigns a boost. Since State Treasurer Dan Rutherford‘s hopes have withered on a scandal vine, the other two are elbowing each other to claim to be the top contender. 
Last week, State Senator Kirk Dillard called on the election gods to smite Bloomington State Senator Bill Brady and Rutherford to allow him to have free rein against Rauner. While that demand left a lot of pundits scratching their itchy heads, it succeeded in getting Dillard some earned media–which may have been the plan all along. And Dillard has enjoyed a nice boost to his campaign from the endorsement of the powerful Illinois Education Association. 
Now, Bill Brady’s minions have been sidling up to reporters and others promising poll results that prove Brady is everyone’s second choice. If you fail to see the logic of bragging about being the Chosen One…er…Two, then join the club. There’s no Silver Medal in politics.

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten Moves to Issue Same Sex Marriage Licenses

As reported this morning from Rich Miller in Capitol Fax, Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten - a Republican - has moved to begin to issue same sex marriage licenses in Champaign County.

Gordy Hulten is a Republican and a strong example of leading by example by being willing to bring more folks into the GOP.  Good for him.  We're pleased to say that we're now proud Gordy Hulten supporters.  Time will show he is on the right side of history equal rights and as Republicans we should be embracing non-discriminatory practices and the fight for equal rights.

From the press release posted on the Champaign County Clerk site:
“On Friday, federal judge Sharon Johnson Coleman held that the Illinois statute banning marriage for same-sex couples is unconstitutional and violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. The Illinois Attorney General and the Cook County Clerk were parties to the suit. The precise effect of the ruling on other Illinois counties is unclear. However, after consulting with State’s Attorney Julia Rietz, I have come to the conclusion that the rationale of the case applies to all citizens of Illinois and that Champaign County residents should have no fewer Constitutional rights than those in Cook County. Furthermore, given the ruling, denying a license to a same sex couple would provide no benefit to the County and would likely result in litigation at taxpayer expense. 
“Therefore, effective immediately, the Champaign County Clerk’s office will issue marriage licenses to same sex applicants, in accordance with the 14th Amendment, and the Illinois and United States Constitutions.”

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Say "I was Jim Edgar's Chief of Staff" Again...

Now, we here at the Truth Team certainly don't condone violence nor should this be construed as a threat, but we received a submission that was too cute to pass up posting.

To be perfectly clear here, the 'tipster' that submitted this meme is NOT making any sort of threat against Senator Kirk Dillard.  He's just making a LULZ with a pop culture reference.

Illinois Treasurer's Candidate Bob Grogan's "Me Problem"

DuPage County Auditor, and Illinois Treasurer's Candidate Bob Grogan sent out an email newsletter yesterday asking for help in circulating his "Friend to Friend" cards.

We were passed the email by a 'tipster' and while (unfortunately) we didn't spot any spelling errors, we *did* find out that Bob really loves himself and is making his campaign all about him.

We counted six - yes six - first person pronouns in the first paragraph.  It was just a 4 sentence paragraph.

This campaign isn't about you - the voter - or even the State of Illinois.  Nope.  This is all about Bob Grogan.  (Hey!  He's a certified fraud examiner, guys!  Didja know that?!?)

You may remember that Bob Grogan isn't the only Illinois politican struck with this "me syndrome".  Governor's candidate Kirk Dillard came down with a case of "I's" too.  Covered here by Rich Miller.
Dillard does this all. the. time. Almost his entire campaign schtick appears to be about his qualifications, his experience, his whatever. 
Voters do want to hear about a candidate’s life story, but they mostly want to hear what the candidates believe about them; their future, their state, their communities, their problems, their wants and needs. 
Sen. Dillard, on the other hand, frames just about everything as being about Kirk Dillard. And that just aint’ gonna work.
Must be a DuPage County/Downers Grove thing?

Bob Groan:  "I'm Sailing."  But not you voters.  

Aaron Schock Endorses Doug Truax for US Senate

In the uphill - but worthwhile battle to beat out Jim "The Milkman" Oberweis for the right to take on Dick Durbin as the GOP Nominee for United States Senate, challenger Doug Truax has picked up some new support from one of the GOP leaders in Illinois:  Congressman Aaron Schock.

From the Sun-Times:
Congressman Aaron Schock, R-Peoria, put his support behind Republican candidate Doug Truax in the U.S. Senate Republican primary, Truax’s campaign announced today. 
Truax is going up against state Sen. Jim Oberweis, R-Sugar Grove, who so far has significantly more name recognition and money.

“Doug Truax represents the type of young and energetic leader Republicans want to embrace. Truax has fresh ideas to shrink government and grow the economy and a strong work ethic to carry those ideas through,” Schock said in a statement. “Doug Truax has served our nation in the military and is ready to serve our nation in the U.S. Senate. As a businessman he brings an understanding of the private sector and deep expertise on health care. As a family man he is rooted in tried and true conservative principles.”
Unless we want the ultimate "1 Percenters" at the top of the GOP Ticket in the fall, we should rally behind Doug Truax.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

More Advice for Democrat Mike Frerichs on Twitter

After posting our first SomeeCard this am on Democrat Mike Frerichs (and his 'relentless Facebook postings'), one of the Truth Team readers was kind enough to send us in another one.

This time, they're pointing out how Mike Frerichs doesn't really know how to use #hashtags.  You can read the full "Mike Frerichs: You're Doing It Wrong" post here for background.

Here's the submission:

Have one you want us to run?  Send it over to

Voters Need Better Reason Than: "Hey! He's Been There Long Enough"

Over on Twitter, the Republican Nominee for Illinois Secretary of State Mike Webster posted a tweet with his reasoning why he should be elected over current incumbent Jesse White:

Listen...we're all for Mike Webster for SoS.  We're more than happy to work for him and support him as a good Republican.  Heck...we'll even promote him here on the Truth Team (hint...Mike!  Have your press folks send us your releases!).

But...we have a recommendation for Mike Webster's Secretary of State campaign:  Let's come up with a more compelling reason to vote Jesse White out of office besides "he's been in office for 16 years, it's time for change." We're thinking that....Voters are going to need that to toss Jesse White out.

There will be plenty of folks (even...gasp! Republicans) who will tell you that in terms of the actual operations of the office of Secretary of State in Illinois, Jesse White actually has done a great job.  Politics aside, people will tell you that the lines are short, the process to renew your license easier, and the appearance of bureaucracy isn't bulging.

But...there *has* to be a reason to vote against Jesse White, right?  Let's start talking about that message.  Not...'he's been there too long' all by itself.

We understand that we don't want to go after him right now during the primary season, but there has to be something, right?  Let's start talking about it.

We're going to guess that the feeling at Mike Webster SoS HQ in regards to this post is something like this:

(Overheard) Democrat Mike Frerichs Dreams of the "Ellen Endorsement"

It takes a very self-absorbed politician to think that a 'special announcement' in his/her hometown could be about themselves.  But...based on us having a mole inside the Frerichs campaign staff, turns out: That might be the case (not) for Democrat for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs.

This is the Tweet heard 'round C-U this weekend:'s the conversation (fake) that we Overheard at Mike Frerichs' Headquarters:

MF:  (Breathlessly runs into the campaign office)  Hey you guys!  Did you hear the news?!?!

Campaign Staff:  What news, Mike?  Did Home Depot start to carry your officially 'endorsed' #TallTales line of Step Ladders that you can start to take to events?  With one of those, our photos that we post on Facebook aren't so awkard... what...with you towering over everyone??  Or...this will eliminate the even more awkward shots when we have to pose you faux sitting with people?"

MF:  No they're still not returning my calls.  Not yet at least.   A guy can dream, though, right?   Maybe I can have some of my union 'buddies' picket out front of Home Depot to change that?  But...this is something even better!  Ellen is coming to town!

CS:  Great news!   But...why does that matter to us?

MF:  Well...A-doy, guys!?!  She's obvs coming to endorse our campaign, right?

CS:  *Our race*?

MF:  Yeah.  Of course, dudes.  I mean...after all, she *has to have* noticed me flailing about on Facebook by now.  What's more endearing to the voting public - and Ellen DeGeneres' audience - than pictures of me sitting down with some folks over pizza in Berwyn?!?  That's gold, Jerry.  Gold.

CS:  You're right.  That TOTALLY has to be why she's coming to town.  We have a great idea!  We should make a video!  Even if Ellen isn't coming to town to endorse you, that's just fine.  We have a lot of experience making videos with lies.  We'll just say that's why she's here and cross our fingers that Rich Miller - or those guys at the Truth Team - don't catch us.

MF:  Sounds like a plan.  I'll catch up with you later.  I have to go lie on the inverse-inversion table.  I'm trying to shrink a few inches to help with those Facebook photos.

CS:  The 'inverse-inversion table'?

MF:'s the opposite of an inversion table.  Got a busy day.  After an hour there, I have to run to the latex office to pick up the new flyers. to check the Facebook stats.  Talk to you guys later.  Send me the video updates when you have them.  Come on in here for a break.

(hands in on Frerichs)

MF:  Woah Bundy launch on 3.  1...2...3

Together:  Woooooahhhhhh....Bundy!

Democrat Mike Frerichs Wins the 'Ego Primary' on Facebook

Democrat Mike Frerichs was very busy this weekend.  And...he DESPERATELY wants you to know it.

On his Facebook wall, he breathlessly posted updates on six of his stops to mostly Democrat organizations.  (Kane County, Chicago, DuPage County, Cook County, Mahomet and Champaign)

Each of the posts could have been sub-titled with "Hey!!!!  Hey!!!! Look at meeeeeee!  I'm a big boy in a big boy race wearing my big boy suit!  Pay attention to meeeeeee!"

We thought we'd share some unsolicited advice with Champaign Democrat Mike Frerichs: one of our favorite latex salesman Candidates for Illinois Treasurer:

Bob Grogan: The (Fill in the Blank) of 2014?

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan’s inability to spell and fact check is legendary here at the Truth Team. The guy provides nearly endless material for a site that is almost exclusively dedicated to lampooning politicians. So thanks again, Bob.

But Bob Grogan got me thinking, who can I even compare him to when I tell all my friends how goofy he is?

Have we ever seen a candidate who brags about his credentials as much as Bob Grogan? I don’t think so, I really can’t think of anyone who would brag so much about his college degree. Bob you are like 50 years old, get over it ok. My nephew who just graduated from a real Big 10 school with a CPA doesn’t talk about his degrees as much as you do. Let it go, it was 30 years ago.

How about a candidate who can’t fact check? For as much credit as Bob gives himself for being a fact checker and auditor he is borderline incapable of doing it. Busting on the Daily Herald for endorsing Gore??? Come on Bob, if you had asked I would have Googled it for you.

Spelling? Ugh, his spelling problems have caused much joy here at the Truth Team.  But seriously, if he is *that* bad with letters, we have to wonder: is he any good with numbers?

What about a candidate using accounting tricks to show "capacity"? That is a new one on me, extra pathetic points scored on that move Bob.

So it begs the question: who does Bob Grogan remind you of as a candidate? 

I have a few thoughts but nothing matches up 100%. So I am calling on you Truth Teamers, send us your thoughts on who Bob Grogan reminds you of in Illinois politics, maybe even outside of Illinois politics because it seems like they broke the mold with this guy. 

 Best suggestion gets a free photoshop of Bob.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What's That? The Dan Rutherford Campaign?

We were sent this image in the mailbag this week and thought we'd share as we know you guys love those animated .gifs.

The submission was simply titled "The Dan Rutherford for Governor Campaign".

Presented here without comment:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Seems A Little Too Quiet Around Illinois Politics For Our Liking...

All the members of the Illinois Truth Team keep sliding into campaign offices all across the State hoping to unearth something interesting this Friday morning and so far we've found only a handful of interesting leads.

Seems a tad too quiet for our liking.  Not enough gaffes.  Not enough mistakes.  Not enough things for us to shame people about.  Frankly...not enough announcements, even!

Come on candidates!  You're letting us down.  Quit 'righting your ship' and give us a little ammo to make into a meme...

Have a tip for us?  Drop us a line: and let us know what's shakin' in Illinois politics this weekend.

Rep. Ed Sullivan: It's Time We Got Government Out Of The Way Of Small Business

State Representative Ed Sullivan - who is known as a strong fiscal conservative - has come out fighting for the Illinois economy.  He wants to head back to Springfield to help create more jobs, more opportunities, and ultimate an even better Illinois.

He specifically wants to tackle issues that affect small businesses and transportation:
It's time we got government out of the way of small business so entrepreneurs can create good-paying jobs. To accomplish this we need to reduce the cost of doing business in Illinois. I am proud to have written the law that reformed unemployment insurance, saving 50% of Illinois businesses in unemployment insurance costs. We must do more. This means actually reforming workers compensation, further addressing unemployment insurance, and reducing the burden onerous litigation places on businesses.

Then, we need to look towards the future by investing in desperately-needed transportation improvements. I voted for the current capital program that is in place, but much more is needed including the Route 53 extension. And as our budgetary situation improves, I hope to invest much more in our transportation so we can reduce gridlock and take advantage of Illinois' competitive advantage as the transportation hub of the Midwest.
Let's help him.  You can volunteer for his campaign here.

Democrat Mike Frerichs: You're Doing It Wrong

Over on Twitter, everybody's favorite latex salesman Candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs has been busy touting his whereabouts at various events and other political what-have-yous.

He also, on occasion begs for new followers.  Unfortunately, he's doing it wrong.  And was called on it.

From his Twitter handle, he posted this plea.  Right away someone pointed out his mistake.

We asked our friend Liz to recreate the moment that Mike "Tall Tales" Frerichs had when he saw the responses.  She obliged.

Let's stop the begging, Mike.  It's unbecoming.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even In a Slam, DuPage Auditor Bob Grogan Gets His Facts Wrong on Endorsements

Earlier this morning, we posted a piece about how DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan - a candidate for Illinois Treasurer - posted a bitter rant about how he didn't get endorsed by the Daily Herald.

He uses evidence of past endorsements from the paper as proof that he doesn't really want/need the endorsement to help boost his campaign.  Bob cites the endorsement of three specific campaigns made by the Editorial Board.  As we pointed out, he omitted a few others (Mitt Romney, Kirk Dillard for President among others).

As a refresher, here's Bob Grogan's post:

The problem for Bob Grogan?  He got his facts wrong.

We were 'tipped' off by someone about the 2000 endorsement.  Grogan says they endorsed Al Gore.

Wrong.  They endorsed George W. Bush.

Here's the note that arrived in our inbox:
To set the record straight, the Daily Herald endorsed George Bush in 2000, not Al Gore.
We had to go look it up.  Turns out, the 'tipster' is indeed correct!

From this story on Democratic Underground in 2004 where they were covering the paper's endorsement of John Kerry:
In 2000, the Daily Herald endorsed George Bush, believing that his brand of governing offered the best opportunity to extend the nation's peace and prosperity without unduly expanding the federal government's role.
Too bad for Bob, huh?  Guess he should get his facts straight before he pouts about not getting endorsements?

Tom Cross Endorsed for Illinois Treasurer by Illinois Observer

Endorsement from Illinois Observer
Hot on the heels of their round of Illinois State Representative endorsements, the Editorial Board over at the Illinois Observer has released their endorsement for the Republican nomination for Illinois Treasurer.

Their pick?  Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer.
Cross has pledged to be a “bold” Treasurer, acting beyond the narrow, ministerial limits of the job. He has promised that “priority one” would be to enforce Illinois’ constitutional requirement that the state budget be balanced, even dragging the state into court if necessary. Additionally, Cross would create a Government Integrity Unit and develop a Fiscal Report Card to be distributed to taxpayers. Cross’ deep legislative experience of budget making, record of moderation – supporting both a woman’s right to chose and same sex marriage – and, most important – a bold, aggressive agenda for the treasurer’s office uniquely qualify him to be treasurer. Few candidates who present themselves for the post are as well qualified. Cross is enthusiastically endorsed.

Mike Frerichs Corrects (His Latest) Campaign Error

Less than an hour after we posted our piece on the latest of Mike Frerichs campaign problems where he ran the wrong location for the list of his endorsements, his campaign team got around to fixing their latest error.

Two things to note from this:

1st one from us:  Glad to know Mike "Tall Tales" Frerichs is a Truth Team reader!  (*Waves* hi to the Frerichs campaign staff!)

2nd one from Chris Traeger:

DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan Loses Endorsement, Trashes The Daily Herald

If you follow along with Treasurer's Candidate Bob Grogan on Facebook, you saw this post to his Wall yesterday.  He seemed particularly bitter about the Daily Herald endorsing his opponent: Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer.

We weren't the only ones who thought this particular outburst seemed odd.  This isn't the first time that something has gotten under Bob's skin (see the photoshop incident!), but SuperAbe also noted Bob's take on him not getting the Daily Herald Endorsement and summed it up well.

We know Bob Grogan actually did show up for the interview at the Daily Herald.  And...anyone in politics knows that the only reason to show up for an endorsement interview is because a candidate wants to get that endorsement, right?  So...Bob was there, but how do we know?  Oh...that's right.  His Facebook Wall again.

So...let us get this straight.  Daily Herald is the devil in Bob's book, right?  I mean they endorsed Gore, Kerry, and Obama?

Guess Bob wants us to totally discount the Daily Herald, right?

Who'd they endorse in the last presidential election?  Oh...that's unfortunate for Bob Grogan:  They endorsed Mitt Romney.  From one of Bob's favorite sites Breitbart:
On Sunday, the Chicago Daily Herald, the second largest daily newspaper in metropolitan Chicago, endorsed Mitt Romney for President in 2012. In 2008, the Daily Herald endorsed hometown Senator Barack Obama for President.
Oof.  Second largest paper?  And...Bob forgot to mention that they endorsed Romney last time around?

*UPDATE* We were sent a message from someone who would know and they tell us that the Daily Herald actually endorsed George W. Bush in 2000.  Not Al Gore.   *END UPDATE*

Who else has the Daily Herald endorsed recently?  Kirk Dillard for Governor.  Who's supporting Dillard?  The very same Bob Grogan.

Remember folks:  The Daily Herald doesn't matter.  That's what Bob Grogan wants you to know.

So...I guess it would be tough for him to explain how he prominently features an editorial FROM THE DAILY HERALD on his campaign website?  That would be the very same Editorial Board that he badmouthed.  Guess Bob will be taking that blurb down, right?

Oh...and...Bob Grogan says that he wouldn't want the endorsement anyway?  Seems like he's been cozying up to the Editorial Board (who gives out the endorsements) and the political reporters at the Daily Herald who cover his campaign.   We took a look at the Facebook pages of the Daily Herald Editorial Board Facebook page, the page of Jake Griffin, a political reporter at the Daily Herald and the page of Mike Riopell, another political reporter at the Daily Herald.

Guess who's 'friends' with all three?  If you guessed "Bob Grogan"....ding ding win!

So the guy who showed up for the endorsement interview, lost the endorsement decided that it would be a good move to badmouth the paper.  Even after he 'friended' the folks who work there.

That would be enough, but unfortunately for Bob Grogan it isn't.

As you might be aware, Bob is the DuPage County Auditor.

And that means he's an elected official for the DuPage County Government.  As a unit of Government, they have to place their public notices in a newspaper so that the public can be aware of their activity.

You'd think that they would pick a newspaper that they respect.  One that has a lot of reach and influence into the lives of the people of DuPage County, right?

That paper?  The Daily Herald.  Too bad for Bob Grogan.  We should all discount the Daily Herald after all, right?

Who Wants to Talk About Bert Miller's Track Record on Donations?

Congressional Candidate Darlene Senger called Bert Miller - one of her opponents - on the carpet for his history of donating to Democrats this week.

From the Illinois Review:
Republican candidate for Congress Darlene Senger has called on her opponent Bert Miller to explain what she calls his "long and lengthy record of Democrat donations," citing (below) donations Miller has made to Democrats such as Rod Blagojevich, Mike Madigan, and Barack Obama.
(emphasis, ours)

So...who wants to talk about Bert Miller's record?  We know one guy!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mike Frerichs' Breathlessly Posts Endorsements. Points to Wrong Location for List

Democrat Mike Frerichs (Wannabe Latex Salesman Candidate for Illinois Treasurer) breathlessly put out a press release today touting his long and decidedly mixed list of organizations that he claims are endorsing him in the election.  He's also touting a list of Democrats who are backing him including Robin Kelly, Bill Foster, and Jan Schakowski.

Unfortunately for candidate Mike and his staff, they can't help themselves when it comes to getting things right.

As you likely recall, Mike Frerichs launched his campaign on a lie.  You can view that video on Frerichs bold-faced lie here.  After that, his campaign staff couldn't get the details right when they announced a fundraiser in Chicago as they 'thanked' the wrong guy for hosting the event.

And finally, his hometown newspaper, the Champaign News-Gazette summed up his campaign by saying that it hasn't gone 'exactly as planned'.  (That's the understatement of the year.)

Back to the matter at hand: his list of endorsements.  As we called it earlier, the staffer gleefully putting up this release on Mike "Tall Tales" Frerichs' Facebook page forgot that web addresses typically start with 3 "dubyas".  Not 2.

Sensing a pattern here?

Although they desperately want to be taken seriously and 'eat at the big kids table', someone is clearly not ready for prime time.

It took a mere 48 hours for the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer campaign to fix the fundraiser name error.  Let's see how long it takes for them to remedy this careless situation.

Now Bruce Rauner Is Just Rubbing It In...

The folks at the Bruce Rauner for Governor campaign are just rubbing it in now, aren't they?  On top of the large - and effective - tv ad buys, the large poll lead and the professional campaign operation they're running, now they're taking it to a new level with their email marketing campaign.   Lulz.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ed Sullivan Endorsed by Illinois Observer for State House

Ed Sullivan Jr's campaign for re-election as the State Representative in the Illinois 51st District continues to pick up momentum.  Late last week, the editorial board of the Illinois Observer released their list of endorsements.  They've picked Sullivan over his opponent Bob Bednar.  We agree.

From the IO Endorsement:
GOP Primary: Ed Sullivan, Jr. v. Bob Bednar. This race is one of the easier ones for the Editorial Board. State Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R-Mundelein) is an experienced, even-handed, respected lawmaker who can work across the aisle to achieve solutions. His knowledge of tax issues makes him an important voice within the House GOP caucus. In addition to being admired in Springfield, he is admired at home for representing the broader interests of his constituents rather than catering to the prejudices of ideologues. Sullivan is endorsed.

Just like President Obama chiming in on the Sandack/Illinois Observer endorsement, the White Mamba, Brian Scalabrine (everybody's favorite bench player) is siding with Sullivan (not really).

Ron Sandack Endorsed in State Rep Race, Mentioned as Possible Future Governor's Candidate

The Illinois Observer condenses the case to re-elect Ron Sandack for State Representative in the 81st House District into a short, but powerful paragraph.

Our support of Sandack has been documented many times over.  Not only do we think that he's facing a TOTALLY unnecessary primary against Keith Matune based purely on one very important vote, we think that if the ILGOP is to survive - and fourish - we need a lot more Ron Sandacks' down in Springfield, not less.

The Observer, in their endorsement agrees.  And...they even go further: they tout Sandack as having a potentially bright future:
GOP Primary: Keith Matune v. Ron Sandack. The choice in this contest is clear. State Rep. Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), a former Downers Grove mayor, is a genuine rising star in the House – and Illinois politics. Sandack’s blend of intelligence, enthusiasm, moderation, and deeply conservative fiscal credentials not only qualify him for second term in the House, but also position him to be a viable, future candidate for governor. If Republicans are to ever exit their minority status in Illinois, Sandack serves as their role model and his record as their road map. Sandack is enthusiastically endorsed.
We agree completely with the endorsement, but the Governor's Mansion for Sandack?  We'll see.  Let's think about something like Illinois Republican Party Chairman first where he can revitalize the party and bring more voters into his 'big tent'.

Hey!  Even the President has chimed in on the Sandack Endorsement:

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