Thursday, January 30, 2014

Champaign N-G: Frerichs Campaign Launch "Didn't Go Exactly As Planned"

This can't be a good way for our favorite latex salesman Treasurer's candidate to spend his Thursday morning.  We imagine after Democrat Mike Frerichs woke up, ate his Wheaties, read the newspaper, his shower was a lot like this:


Because...Jim Dey in the Champaign News-Gazette covers the biggest story in the Illinois Treasurer's race:  how Mike Frerichs lied about what he billed as his most important accomplishment and his campaign launch can conservatively called a "misfire".  The stringbean's own local newspaper saying things didn't go "exactly as planned".  Not good.  Not good at all.

From the story:
Local state Sen. Mike Frerichs, a Champaign Democrat, announced last week what everyone who pays attention has known for months: He's running for state treasurer. 
But his series of announcements didn't go exactly as planned. 
Here's how Rich Miller, who oversees, a Springfield-based website, described it. 
"Sen. Mike Frerichs has pulled his treasurer campaign announcement video off YouTube and replaced it with a new one. The embarrassing move had to be made because Frerichs claimed in the original video that he had 'led by example' by 'ending free lifetime health care for legislators.' Actually, Frerichs voted against that bill," Miller said. 
Frerichs acknowledged the inaccurate statement in his campaign video and said he had confused his vote against that bill with a vote for an earlier version of the bill. 
"My media team and I were talking about various reforms I had supported. I think what happened is that we saw the bill and saw the first version, which I had voted for," Frerichs told Capitol Fax. 
Using the imperial "we," Frerichs said he had voted against the bill he originally said he voted for because he said among those losing free health care forever were university employees.
So...let me get this straight.  He had more than a year to get his campaign "announcement" in order and he simply 'confused' his vote on one issue for another?  Me thinks it was more like he was trying to 'confuse' voters into believing he is a viable candidate.  The truth shall set you free, Mike!

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