Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Having Guaranteed Customers Is the Problem With Schools

Over at the National Review, they've posted a cheekily-titled piece called: "How Dare Betsy DeVos Give American Families an Educational Choice" where they point out some of the things that fell out of Devos' confirmation hearing yesterday.  But it seems it all boils down to this:
School reform is a complex and multi-faceted issue, but there is at least one relatively clear divide between left and right: With few exceptions, the Left wants to improve and reform American education by doubling down on financial, moral, and intellectual support for public schools with a unionized work force; DeVos and other conservative reformers, by contrast, want to improve and reform education by introducing market competition and giving families as many viable educational options as possible.
Market competition.  That's big.  What businesses do you know that have "Guaranteed Customers"?  Meaning...customers they don't have to market-to or lure into their business?  Besides government.  And besides public schools?

There really aren't any.  And that's why schools are suffering.  They don't have to compete for students.   Maybe they will soon.  And that's a great start.
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