Friday, August 29, 2014

Is Congressman Brad Schneider About To Be Embroiled In Plagiarism Problem?

We were just sent this screenshot: As posted by a political consultant over on Facebook you'll see what has been labeled a "John Walsh problem" for Congressman Brad Schneider.

Who's John Walsh and what is the problem?  Check out this CBS News story titled:  Sen. John Walsh retreats from campaign amid plagiarism charges.

Anyway...back to Brad Schneider and his race for re-election to Congress:  Check out the screenshot above that shows a copy/pasted (with a few name changes) email campaign that Congressman Schneider is putting out that looks identical John Foust, a politician from Virginia has been sending.

Now...this certainly isn't a research paper, but we think it is worth noting/discussing.

Do voters deserve to know that Brad Schneider is playing from someone else's playbook?  That he's clearly not in control of his own story?  In fact, he's wholesale copying - verbatim - pleas to voters from someone else in control?

We'd think so?

Wouldn't you?

Mike Frerichs' Campaign Mea Culpa On Infographic Errors?

We were just sent this footage of what appears to be a confession of the Mike Frerichs' campaign staffer who was responsible for the debacle that their Eco-Ag infographic has become.

What was first seen as a 'cleanly landed' position paper, has turned into a huge quagmire for the campaign.  We can go into the timeline on another post, but the chaos this has caused is quite breathtaking.

At least, the Frerichs' staffer has an explanation:  can you blame him after seeing this?

Time Well Spent By The Mike Frerichs For Treasurer Campaign?

We were just leaked this breakdown of the time sheets that have been submitted by the staff and "Fellows" to the campaign manager on the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign.

The good news?  They're actively interviewing for the proofreading role.

The bad news?  The candidate is demanding A LOT of their time to tend to his earmuffs.

Whodathunk that being a "Fellow" would entail such glamorous tasks?!?  Who wants to apply next?

This Isn't True For All Illinois Politicians and Campaigns

But it certainly rings true for at least one statewide campaign.

Thanks to the tipster for sending in the meme.  Have something to say - in meme form - about the latest round of Mike Frerichs' gaffes/mistakes, drop it here:

Latest Press Release Out Of Mike Frerichs for Treasurer Campaign: "That's Unpossible"

In one of the most bizarre press releases we here at the Illinois Truth Team have ever seen issued by a statewide campaign, it appears that the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign team have sent out a simple five word release. was in .gif format.

We're sharing it here without comment:

We're Starting To Think Less And Less Of Yale University, Everyday...

You know...we always *kinda* thought pretty highly of Yale University.  We thought it pumped out some pretty smart people.

But, we have to be honest.  We don't quite hold Yale University with the same esteem we once did.

It is funny:  a really brilliant alum who does extraordinary things and tackles amazing projects might open our minds and make us consider the school they graduated from in a much more flattering light.

The same goes for the opposite.

Our 700th Post! Thank You, Illinois Truth Teamers!

Wow...we can hardly believe it: We've just crossed the 700th post mark when it comes to published posts here on the Illinois Truth Team.

It was back in late July that we crossed the 500 post mark and we haven't looked back.  We've poured on more than 150 posts just in the month of August of 2014 which makes it the most prolific month of production in our history.

Having so much going on in politics and the ever-shifting political landscape in Illinois has been a great stimulus for our content production.

Importantly...we wouldn't be doing this if you guys were there on the other end:  reading our content, subscribing to our daily email, sharing it on email/social, and sending us tips/memes/gifs and encouragement.

We're just about two months away from Election Day in November.  We really want to make a difference by helping telling the right stories and supporting good candidates.  Together, we can have an impact.  Thanks for helping us along the way.

Exclusive Footage: Mike Frerichs Campaign HQ This Morning

We just received this exclusive footage of what appears to be a pizza delivery man who showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Here he is walking into the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer office down in Champaign.  (You remember the one?  It is the one that they failed to pay property taxes on for seven+ years???)

With all the turmoil the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer's campaign has gone through, we're - frankly - not surprised by the looks of the office.

We mean....last night must have been a doozy:  trying to find all those errors in their own infographic?

Couple that with the shame they felt after posting a hilarious "not impressed" photo on their own Twitter handle?

It's gotta be like Lord of the Flies in there these days.

Reminder: This Statewide Campaign Appears To Still Be Looking For a Proof Reader?

In light of the latest - and hilarious - spree of mistakes, word choice errors and punctuation problems out of the Mike Frerichs campaign, we wanted to remind folks that a campaign is still looking for a solution.  The job posting over on Craigslist appears to be active?

They DESPERATELY need the help.

Will Tax Hike Mike's Team Beat The Monday Deadline?

That's the big question.  What do you think?  Will they get in the rest of the changes by Monday?  Or will we have to fully embarrass them by documenting ALL of the problems they had with their big "Eco-Ag" infographic?

Let's give them some music to work against today:

Ding. Ding. The Frerichs Campaign Makes Another Correction To Their Infographic!

The geniuses down in Champaign have made another fix to their failed infographic!  That makes two.  One word choice and some punctuation fixes. still leaves one big word choice error and another we'll call a 'consistency error'.

You can see the currently updated version on the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer website here.

But..don't be fooled folks.  That wasn't the one they put out with so much glee over email last week or shared yesterday via social.  Nope.  It was this one below.  With all the errors in their full glory!

How many more rounds of revisions will it take them?  Will they beat us to the Monday deadline by fixing all of the errors?  

We'll have to wait and see!

The Mike Frerichs Campaign Team Caught One Of the Mistakes (So Far!)

Well, well, well...Looks as though the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign team has been busy overnight as they've worked to correct ONE of the many mistakes they've made on their Eco-Ag infographic.

But...fortunately for all of us, they just found the one mistake when there are oh-so-many more!

We won't tip you to the one change they've made, but perhaps you can spot it.  Here's a link to the page on Frerichs' site that has their slightly amended language up right now.'s the one (pasted below) that they published so proudly yesterday on their site, on Facebook, and even sent out in an email last week.  This is the one you should be working to find mistakes from (below).

Remember have until Monday am to send us the list of mistakes you found!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exclusive Footage of Mike Frerichs Campaign HQ Right Now

We just were sent this amazing footage of the campaign staff down in Champaign working for State Senator Mike Frerichs on his Treasurer's campaign.

They were so pleased with themselves with the 'roll-out' of the "Eco-Ag" plan as they call it this afternoon.  Then...suddenly...panic!

There are mistakes?!?! Again?!?

Unreal. Looks Like The Mike Frerichs Campaign Has Set A New Record (Of Ineptitude)

You'll never believe this.  It seems that the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign is the gift that keeps on giving.  

This time, they've even managed to top themselves when it comes to mistakes.  

Just when you think something is impossible, the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign seems to pull it off with the grace and style of a man in the depths of an ether binge.

In a meandering infographic (found below as screen-shot from the Frerichs website here) touting some new - and oddly pitched - plan, Team Frerichs has managed to screw it up again, this time in record-setting fashion.

We've been staring at this thing for close to a week when the campaign sent it out and we knew there some things off.  But we couldn't quite put our finger on it.  

Then...we got a tip from a loyal TruthTeam reader Ace:
"I have counted 4 misspellings/word choice errors, 2 incorrect period uses and it is abundantly clear they do not understand comma usage. I feel bad for the English teacher of whoever wrote this masterpiece. Seems like that proofreading job is still open, but please...if you can... let them know I am not interested."
Attention Truth Teamers:  The bar has been set pretty high by Team Frerichs on this one, but we have faith in you. 

Can you find the 4 word choice errors? If so email us @ and if you get them all we will give you a shout-out on Monday.  You have a few days to pour over this before we'll release the full list of mistakes.

To up the ante a bit...We'll also challenge the Mike Frerichs campaign team:  if you can find the errors and email us with the updated version we'll hold out from highlighting all the errors/mistakes and won't subject you to even more scorn and criticism.  

Get after it folks:

Did Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Really Slam Legislation That She Forgot She Co-Sponsored?

Looks that way, folks.  

From the Bobby Schilling Campaign via Capitol Fax:
Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline) lashed out mindlessly today by attacking Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) for supposedly “selling visas.” The EB-5 program that Bobby Schilling’s employer, CMB Regional Centers, operates under is renewed by Congress every three years, and this past January, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos co-sponsored legislation to make the EB-5 program permanent. How’s that for hypocrisy? 
H.R. 15, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, has nearly 200 co-sponsors in Congress, including Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. The bill “makes the EB-5 visa regional center program permanent.” 
Yes, you read that correctly—today Cheri Bustos lashed out against a program she co-sponsored. The program has incredible bipartisan support and even includes support from Bustos’ mentor, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois).
Yikes.  Seems like the Bustos campaign is getting desperate or lazy.  You can choose.

State Rep Ron Sandack Seeking Interns (Thankfully NOT Fellows!)

Know a young, eager, smart political operator who is looking to roll their sleeves and get involved in a couple of campaigns?

Then look no further than the opening the Ron Sandack for State Representative Campaign has posted on their site.

Thankfully...they're not calling it a "Fellowship"!
We are looking for energized students to intern with our important election. Your help will be critical to the re-election of Ron Sandack, Illinois State Representative. 
Interns will work in cooperation with Bruce Rauner’s campaign for Illinois Governor and will have the opportunity to become familiar with the different components of a state campaign, while building upon important skills that will transition to their desired career.
Intern Candidates should be:
  • High school or college students 
  • Able to work 25 flexible hours a week at $10 an hour 
  • Must provide personal smart phone or tablet for data collection
You can apply here on Sandack's site.  Sounds like a great opportunity to work closely with one of the State of Illinois and the Illinois Republican Party's rising stars.

Bob Dold Congressional Campaign Rolls On With Strong Grayslake Parade Showing

Check out these beautifully shot photos courtesy of the Bob Dold for Congress campaign's Facebook Wall.

Looks like Dold's campaign continues to gain momentum and support from all across the 10th Illinois District.

Want to lend a hand?  Get involved by signing up here on Dold's site.

Should They Rename "Bad Luck Brian" to "Bad Luck Mike Frerichs"?

Via a tipster we get this meme on the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer campaign:

That brings up a good point:  are all the mistakes that the Frerichs' campaign continuing to make just 'bad luck'?

Not likely.  Seems like systemic failure all the way through the entire campaign apparatus.  From the candidate down to the interns.  (Excuse us...fellows!)

First Person: Why Did You Show Up To Last Night's Labor Union Event For Mike Frerichs?

Turns out, it wasn't just Euchre that people turned out for last night...

Guess The Mike Frerichs Campaign Hasn't Filled The Role Yet?!?

Based on the photos/tweets from last night, it appears that despite some responses coming in from their Craigslist ad, the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer campaign hasn't quite been able to fill the role they've been seeking.

Please, please, please.  For the sake of our content creation abilities:  don't fill the role, Mike.  Steady-as-she-goes.  Keep shootin' from the hip.  Flail about with terrible photos, hilarious mistakes, and multiple tries at your social postings.

H/T to this guy on Twitter here.

Latest Application For Copywriter/Proofer for Champaign-based Statewide Campaign

Last week, Rich Miller at Capitol Fax covered the 'prank ad' that was posted to Craigslist that sought a 'Copywriter/Proofer for Statewide Political Campaign'.  And then, we quickly were leaked one of the responses from an applicant.  You can see this first response here.  

Well, our mole inside the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer campaign has come through with another applicant's response.  Check out how they start things off:  calling out the memes that are littered around the web.
Well, the first thing you have to do is find and destroy the harmful, yet hilarious, Mike Frerich's memes that pop up everywhere.

Using social media as a campaign tool has it's drawbacks; the most obvious being the free will given to man, allowing idiotic, uninformed reply posts.

I have done copy writing and proofing for multiple positions I've held, and worked freelance a bit for online content management systems, otherwise known as CMS to the cool people.

I can wear a suit, and even better, I'm a woman, and people foolishly trust women more when working for a male candidate, because they believe no self-respecting women would work for an asshole. Which, if true, would actually put us, as a sex, mostly out of work.

I think hopping aboard while Mike Frerich's career is reaching new heights, and he begins to tower over others, would be intense and interesting, although perhaps a tall order.
Good luck with your search.
But...we can't help to think that this response was sent in from their own staff.  See how they spelled "Frerich's" not "Frerichs'"?!?  Nice.  Hire this person, Mike!

Organized Labor Is Too Busy With Euchre To Bother Paying Attention To Mike Frerichs

Don't get in the way of my card playing, Mike Frerichs.

Oh Gawd. The "Not Impressed" Photo Looks Even Worse On Frerichs' Timeline!

Just the fact that Mike Frerichs Re-Tweeted this hilarious photo was enough for us, but a tipster just sent us this screenshot of how the @mikeforillinois Twitter handle looks if you visit it directly.

Check out how Twitter crops the photo.  It is just of the 'not impressed' dude.  Hilarious.

Attendance Breakdown of Last Night's Mike Frerichs Labor Event

We were just given the breakdown of the folks who attended last night's event with Democrat Mike Frerichs.  You know...for these down ballot races, it is so hard to build a strong base of solid supporters who stick with the candidate through thick and thin.

But...because Mike Frerichs has come out so strong in favor of the earmuffs for men thing, those 'Earmuff enthusiasts' seem to jam his events all across the State of Illinois.

Watch Out Illinois Labor Guys, McKayla Maroney Warns On Stealing "Not Impressed"

In this world of web culture, you just can't go around 'stealing' other people's bits. can 'use' them on occasion, but you can't wholesale rip things. looks like Olympic Star McKayla Maroney is asserting her right to the whole 'not impressed' bit in regards to how organized labor is reacting to Democrat candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs.

You'll recall that just this morning, the Frerichs Campaign Re-Tweeted this photo out that shows how fired up organized labor unions are for Mike's campaign.  It is right up there with winning a few tricks in Euchre at the ole' labor hall.

What Labor Unions Are Thinking Of Mike Frerichs, Democrat For Illinois Treasurer

They'd rather be playing Euchre than be interrupted by your prattling on and on, Mike.

Just look at the folks in the photo you Re-Tweeted.

Mike Frerichs Doesn't Impress Labor, Most Don't Even Pay Attention

Last night, Democrat candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs re-tweeted this hilarious photo that shows him speaking in front of a group of organized labor.  The problem?  People aren't even paying attention to him!

That must have been *some* rousing stump speech, eh Mike?  I must have commanded the room.  Everyone was paying close attention to everything you were saying.

Or not.

As evidenced by this guy in pink, he didn't even want to break away from his hand of Euchre to bother to turn around and listen to your prattling on.

If you recall, this is the same campaign that had the 'great event' Tweet heard 'round the state.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Here's a "Life Pro Tip" For You Ann Callis Supporters

Don't you hate it when you leave a sticker on your car and it becomes a burden to remove?  The time is now, folks.  If you have one of those Ann Callis stickers, go ahead and take it off now.  That way, when she loses in November (which...if you're paying any attention at so very likely), you won't have to deal with the mess.

Ut-Oh! Ann Callis Fades and Rodney Davis Begins To Pull Away

Depressing news for Ann Callis, the College Dems who have worked so hard on her behalf, and the Democrat faithful:  She's fading.  Fast.

From Roll Call:
Freshman Rep. Rodney Davis entered the midterms as one of the most vulnerable Republicans on the map.
Not anymore.
In 2012, the former staffer for Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., won the 13th District by a mere 1,002 votes to a perennial Democrat panned by party operatives. This cycle, Democrats in Illinois and Washington, D.C., recruited former judge Ann Callis, billing her as a top-tier challenger who could win this Springfield-based swing seat. 
But nearly two months from Election Day, Republican operatives in the Land of Lincoln and Washington, D.C., are cautiously optimistic about Davis’ chances, thanks to his adept political skills and favorable tail winds behind the GOP in the midterms. At the same time, Republicans and, privately, Democrats say Callis has not lived up to her candidacy’s hype and or made the necessary inroads to win the district.

Latest Poll on Governor's Race: Identifying Pat Quinn's Problem in Illinois

We were just tipped this data from the latest "We Ask Some Of Illinois" Poll and it looks like the latest patronage scandal that has erupted in Pat Quinn's administration has taken a toll.  Voters are beginning to pinpoint that issue as one that is crippling the Quinn campaign's ability to connect with Illinois.

Stay tuned for more data points and results from the poll right here on the Truth Team.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We Ain't Buying It, Governor Pat Quinn

Just stop it, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.  People in Illinois *kinda* expect patronage.   After all, we've sent a few Governors to prison, right?

What they don't expect is their Governor lying to them about how it happened.  Shameful.

Breaking: Video Footage Of Pat Quinn's Patronage Hiring Process @ IDOT

We just got this image of the hiring process at IDOT under Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

On the left side of the image, you'll see the turnstile - that's the proper, normal way to get a job with IDOT here in Illinois.

The guys walking on the right?  They're part of Governor Pat Quinn's shady patronage hiring spree.  They skirt the rules.

No big deal, right?

Voters won't mind that Pat Quinn padded the State payroll with his cronies and stooges from the political world, right?

Quinn Campaign Tries - Desperately - To Change The Subject. Nope. Not A Chance.

The Pat Quinn for Illinois Governor's campaign is desperate to change the subject away from patronage and the record number of shady hires the Quinn Administration has made.  In fact, they've begun to flail about this morning with a release and documents that they claim will assure voters that Bruce Rauner isn't a moderate, but really he's a closet conservative.

Unfortunately, voters aren't that easily fooled, Pat.  Nice try changing the subject, though.  It got a few laughs out of the political class it seems:

No Schrute Bucks For You, Governor Pat Quinn!

It would be easy to point out how Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is in trouble with voters this fall.

With the full details about his NRI scandal coming to light in mid-October and the latest news that he's the patronage king, it seems like voters could easily point out the problems.

But Dwight Schrute thinks otherwise...

Listen, Pat Quinn. We Don't Have To Tell You That *This* Is Bad...

That's all voters need to know:  Self-styled 'everyday man' Pat Quinn (Hey!  Don't forget...he has tickets in the upper deck of Comisky Park, folks!  Really!  He's just like you and me who go to work everyday!  Seriously!  Trust us!) had even more shady jammed-through patronage hires at IDOT than his running mate and old boss Rod Blagojevich.  You guys remember him, don't ya?!?

Think Quinn likes being 'ahead' of old pal Rod in this category?  Not likely.

Define: Pat Quinn's Patronage

Big News!  We intercepted the 'welcome card' that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and his team were sending to the hundreds of new hires they were making for their friends and supporters through the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Check it out above.  This was sent to all the new Staff Assistants that Quinn hired in record numbers.

What's that?  You wanted a job? Who are you?  You're nobody?  Too bad.  Pat Quinn doesn't want nobody that nobody sent.

We think it was awfully nice of the Quinn Administration to put the definition into a nice easy-to-digest format like a SomeeCard, wasn't it?

The Endorsements *Would* Roll In For Governor Pat Quinn...

Too bad Illinois Governor Pat Quinn can't list "Patronage Hiring" as one of his skills on his Linkedin profile...

Let Me Call Someone Who's An Expert on Patronage Hires....

After seeing this chart on the huge ramp up of these protected patronage hires that Governor Pat Quinn has made, we had to share this:

Pat Quinn Didn't Slow Down, Rather He Put Pedal To Floor When It Came To Patronage Hires

When voters start to think of Governor Pat Quinn this fall, they'll not only have the NRI - and the $50M+ of wasted taxpayer dollars on a phony anti-violence program that was just a slush fund for his campaign - to consider it seems.

Things are starting to spiral out of control for the Quinn for Illinois campaign as word is emerging that the guy who models himself as an 'everyday man' (Hell!  He has tickets to the White Sox in the upper deck, folks!  He's just like you and me!) has become very skilled at a new trick:  jamming the state payroll with patronage hires for cronies, stooges, and mopes.  The perfect trifecta!

The Details:
On IDOT Patronage: Ann Schneider, the former head of IDOT, says Pat Quinn’s office strong-armed the agency into appointing Quinn’s political cronies. The Inspector General report shows Quinn’s chief of staff and deputy chief of staff personally approved every single patronage hire. 
Pat Quinn must answer Ann Schneider’s allegations – and he must explain why his chief of staff and deputy chief of staff would have approved a spike in patronage hires if Quinn had indeed given orders to stop it.

Hey! If We're Talking Facts About Democrat Mike Frerichs, We Have A Few To Add...

Over on Facebook, the 10th Dems - the organization that calls thoughtful voters 'naive' have a post up about Mike Frerichs - Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer - and they list a few facts including one about his height and one about his alma mater:

Well...guys...if we want to start listing facts about Mike, let us help!

Here's 10 other facts to get you started.  Maybe you guys can use this as his intro tonight at the event???

1.  He failed to pay his property taxes for seven years.  Yep.  Seven years.  Just because.
2.  He launched his campaign with a lie.  He made a video to announce his campaign for Treasurer only to have to take it down 30 minutes after putting it live because he lied about his record.  IN.HIS.OWN.VIDEO!
3.  He can't make up his mind about where he stands in terms of limiting government.  It is so laughable that his hometown paper the Champaign News-Gazette said this:  “But [Frerichs] clearly doesn’t know what he really thinks, and, when candidates don’t know what they believe, they say whatever seems convenient at the moment.” (Source: Champaign News-Gazette, WBBM)
4. He agreed to attend a debate with his opponent Tom Cross on WLS Radio in Chicago, but then ducked out.
5.  He supports a plan to end Illinois' investment in Israel.  But once confronted with his OWN stance, he changed course.
6.  His favorite choice of headgear?  Earmuffs.
7.  He once wore a suit to a Habitat for Humanity build.  Everyone else wore work clothes and gloves.
8.  He once Tweeted about a "great event" that had just four people who showed up.  He was mocked in the press.
9.  His campaign has been labeled "stumbling and bumbling".  Really.
10.  He has a Wikipedia entry named after him called "The Frerichs Vortex" - which is a phenomenon whereby fellow politicians get 'pulled down' by just being in close proximity to the Frerichs campaign.

Know more 'facts' about Mike Frerichs?  Send them our way:

Senator Christine Radogno and State Rep. Jim Durkin Hosting Senior Fair 2014 Tomorrow

Do you live in/around Lemont?  And count yourself as a consituent of State Senator Christine Radogno and/or State Represenative Jim Durkin?  Then get out tomorrow to their annual Senior Fair at the Lemont Park District from 9 am to Noon.    Good for them to host the informative session for a very important group of residents...

You can see the flyer here on Radogno's site.
State Sen. Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) and State Rep. Jim Durkin (R- Western Springs) are hosting a free Senior Fair on Wed., Aug. 27 featuring approximately 45 local and state participants.

The event will be held on Wed., August 27 from 9 a.m. to Noon at the Lemont Park District’s CORE Fitness Center at 16028 127th Street in Lemont.

“We are committed to helping our constituents find access to local and state services that will help improve their health and financial security,” said Sen. Radogno. “This year’s fair offers seniors a great opportunity to speak with dozens of health and safety providers and state agency representatives, while also providing free health screenings and a wide range of informational brochures.”

Refreshments will be provided, and guests can take advantage of free health screenings to check blood sugar, hearing, thermal posture, and blood pressure. Also, flu shots will be available to seniors for free with Medicare B, or for a cost of $25.99. Information will be available on a variety of topics including transportation and assisted living options, home and Internet safety, and financial security—including how to save money on utilities. The State Treasurer’s Office will also be on site to help guests determine if they have unclaimed money or assets to recover.

“Come out to our annual senior fair. It’s a great event for seniors and their families. It’s an opportunity for seniors to learn what state and local services are available to them, ask questions, and receive free health screenings. I think attendees will find the information beneficial to them,” said Durkin.
Fair participants include AARP Illinois, AccuQuest Hearing Center, Alvernia Manor Senior Living, Alzheimer’s Association, Assisted Transition, AT&T, Athletico, Better Business Bureau, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Catholic Charities of Joliet, Citizens Utility Board, ComEd, Cook County Veterans Assistance Commission, CPA, DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, Edward Jones, Home Sweet Home Care, Hruska Insurance, Illinois Retina Associates, Illinois State Police, Juice Plus, Lemont Fire Protection District, Lemont Park District, Lemont Public Library, Lemont SALT, Lemont Township, Mary Kay Cosmetics, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, NEIL Area Agency on Aging, Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Office of the Illinois Comptroller, Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, Office of the Illinois Treasurer, PACE, Presence Life Connections, Royal Home Healthcare, RTA, Silver Cross Hospital, Stoetzel’s Planet Chiropractic, VETS LLC, Victorian Village, Walgreens, Wellspring Healthcare Services Inc.

Congressional Candidate Mike Bost Launches "Sportsman For Bost"

Republican candidate for Congress Mike Bost is bringing together a broad-based coalition of supporters from across his district as he runs for the 12th District seat. The latest group that the Bost campaign is rolling out is "Sportsman for Bost".

From the campaign:
As a hunter and fisherman himself, Mike Bost has always been a strong supporter of sportsmen’s rights here in Illinois. He understands that Illinois sportsmen have know better than most the value of our state’s natural resources and treasures.We hope you will sign up below to learn more about Mike’s fight to protect your rights as sportsmen, and to join our team as a Sportsman for Bost.
If you care about the outdoors and want to make a difference, go ahead and join the Sportsman coalition. It doesn't matter where you live. We need to send folks like Mike Bost to Congress to represent Illinois and all the amazing outdoors we have to offer.

Is That Mike Frerichs Protesting With the College Dems?!?

We just posted this piece about how the Illinois Wesleyan College Democrats were protesting outside of Congressman Rodney Davis' office when an eagle-eyed reader emailed us to ask us to look closer at the photo...

Lo and behold!  We think that's Democrat Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs right in there protesting.  But...he is holding up a "Meet Mike Frerichs" sign?  And...he must be on his knees or something.  Guess he learned his lesson when all those photos with Rahm Emanuel didn't turn out from last week. What...with Da Mare having just the top of his head and Mike having just his chin in all the photos... If he wants the photos to look good, he has to hunch way over.

No wonder, the College Democrats adore #TallTales Mike?  He mixes it right up with them - even in protests we guess...
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