Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pat Quinn Didn't Slow Down, Rather He Put Pedal To Floor When It Came To Patronage Hires

When voters start to think of Governor Pat Quinn this fall, they'll not only have the NRI - and the $50M+ of wasted taxpayer dollars on a phony anti-violence program that was just a slush fund for his campaign - to consider it seems.

Things are starting to spiral out of control for the Quinn for Illinois campaign as word is emerging that the guy who models himself as an 'everyday man' (Hell!  He has tickets to the White Sox in the upper deck, folks!  He's just like you and me!) has become very skilled at a new trick:  jamming the state payroll with patronage hires for cronies, stooges, and mopes.  The perfect trifecta!

The Details:
On IDOT Patronage: Ann Schneider, the former head of IDOT, says Pat Quinn’s office strong-armed the agency into appointing Quinn’s political cronies. The Inspector General report shows Quinn’s chief of staff and deputy chief of staff personally approved every single patronage hire. 
Pat Quinn must answer Ann Schneider’s allegations – and he must explain why his chief of staff and deputy chief of staff would have approved a spike in patronage hires if Quinn had indeed given orders to stop it.

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