Friday, July 11, 2014

Illinois Voters: Remember *This* About Governor Pat Quinn

Illinois Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner (The Guy Who Can Right Our Ship in Illinois) is out with a new tv spot that aims to remind voters that all Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has done is talked a big game and failed to deliver.  We're hoping that voters remember that this is the same guy who stood right behind Rod Blagojevich as his Lt. Governor...

VO: When you hear Pat Quinn’s false attacks remember his broken promises.

GOV PAT QUINN: Our job recovery bill will create more than four-hundred thousand jobs.

VO: Under Quinn Illinois leads the Midwest in job losses.

GOV PAT QUIN: Another area we are not cutting is education.

VO: Quinn cut 500 million causing teacher layoffs and crowded classrooms.

GOV PAT QUINN: Under our plan a family of four will not pay higher taxes.

VO: Quinn raised taxes by 67 percent on every Illinoisan. Pat Quinn a broken record of broken promises.
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