Monday, May 1, 2017

Treasurer Mike Frerichs Loves Him Some Sashes

There's a long history on the Illinois Truth Team of Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs and his love of wearing a sash. European Royalty, Mike Frerichs will take EVERY OPPORTUNITY to put on a sash and act all important.

We've covered it here and here.  We also covered that one time that Mike Frerichs wore a sash on Chicago Tonight (he didn't).  And how he wore his favorite sash when he met with Michelle Obama (he didn't).   Or that time he wore his giant sash to a fundraiser in Highland Park.

What is interesting to us that in all of those photos there are lots of other politicians that are marching in the various parades right next to Mike Frerichs who opt for NOT wearing the sash.  Here's one with Mike rockin' his lovely sash right next to Senator Dick Durbin, who wisely decided to not wear a sash.  

So, this weekend, imagine our delight when we see Mike's crew posting a series of photos on Facebook of the Treasurer at the Greek Independence Day Parade in Chicago.  Guess who's wearing the sash again?!?  Yep.

I can hear it now:

Frerichs to his sash:  "I can't quit you."

What strikes us the most in this photo is how Toni Preckwinckle has wisely decided to NOT wear the sash.

"Hi.  I'm Mike.  You're on a float and we can almost see eye-to-eye.  Do you like my sash?"

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