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Mike Frerichs' 'Friend' Caught Up In Hiring Scandal, Deletes Twitter Handle?

There's lots of layers to this onion that you have to peel back, but it looks like something fishy has been going on with Mike Frerichs and his "friend" Anne Szkatulski.

Read the whole piece here.

Vince Kolber Challenges Incumbent Mike Quigley For Congress (5th IL District)

A tipster sent us this mailer that she received at her home TODAY from Vince Kolber who is running against Congressman Mike Quigley for Congress.  The tipster lives in the city and is a swing voter (voted in the GOP primary this year), so perhaps that why she got the piece?

While we know Kolber is a long shot here against Quigley, we really like to see this action out of Kolber.  Gotta put up a fight, ya know?!?

Kolber has a stong agenda that includes job creation, term limits, curtailing some of the NSA stuff (we like that!) and cutting spending.

The 5th District stretches from the shores of Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park all the way out to O'Hare Airport, then creeps into DuPage County and (unbelievably!) includes Oak Brook Mall.  So...whomever wins, is NEVER...we repeat NEVER...going to be able to truly represent that district properly.  The interests are just so diverse.

Some folks care about noise pollution out of O'Hare while others worry about mass transit in Lincoln Park.

Quigley does an admirable job, but he knows where the power in his district lies and it ain't Dupage County.

If you live in the 5th, cast a vote for Kolber.  Even if it is a protest vote against how the district map was drawn.

Elect a Fiscal "Jedi Knight" In Mel Thillens For State Representative

Illinois can get turned around, but it needs to start with getting rid of some of the wrong folks like State Representative Marty Moylan and putting in guys like Mel Thillens to the Illinois State House.

He'll "use the force" for balanced state government that keeps its promises and pays its bills.

Fear not, voter!  On Tuesday November 4th, vote for Mel Thillens for State Representative.

Henry County Democrats Forget Their Address In Mailer

We can't let a typo/mistake from someone go by without covering it, right?  After all...we *are* the Truth Team, right?!?

Well...check out the Henry County Democrats mailer above.  They got their Union bug in there, but didn't pay attention to the address lines?!?

Whoops.  Guess they have the same campaign staff as the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign.  They both must have not filled that role for a copywriter/proofer that was posted on Craigslist earlier this summer.  Bummer.

H/T to the Goliath Slayer!

Exclusive Footage: Mike Frerichs Gets Ready For TV News Interview

Some politicians have their staff apply a little powder to take down the shine.  Others rehearse their talking points.

But...we have this exclusive footage of Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - getting ready for his latest TV news interview.    Check out the footage captured ( appears that the camera started rolling AFTER he had already removed his sash...).

Thanks to the tipster for sending this in:

Mike Frerichs Forced To Take An Awkward, Wide Stance

You have all probably heard stories or have checked out photos of tv reporters doing weird things to get the 'on camera shot' to look right.  A lot of them stand on things like crates to get the framing right.  See this shot below as an example:

But...what made us think about this phenomenon is that the Mike Frerichs campaign team decided to post a REALLY awkward photo of their candidate on their own Facebook page.  They didn't think about cropping it, we assume, or else they would have. makes their guy look super weird.

Listen...we get it that being tall is Mike's *thing*.  After all, he's spent almost a million bucks telling voters that...wait for it....he's.....tall.  Yep.  That he's tall.

But...the photo that his campaign team brought this to life (for us at least) in a new hilarious way.

Check out what Mike Frerichs had to do to get on camera.  We've hear about politicians getting into trouble for having a 'wide stance' but this is different:

Too funny.  His legs are just about at the same angle as the tripod legs.

We can imagine the conversation:

Guy behind the camera:  Umm...well.....ummm (nervous hemming and hawing)

MF:  What's up?  Something wrong?

GBTC:  Well...(more nervous hemming and hawing...)

MF:  Oh...I get it.  The sun is really reflecting off my sash too much.  It is creating a glare.  Let me take it off.

GBTC:  Umm...sure...that's fine.  But that's not it.

MF: it the earmuffs?  I'll take those off, too.

GBTC: is a good idea to lose those.  I is like 60 degrees down here in Quincy today.  They seemed odd to me, but I *get* that those 'muffs are your calling card.

MF: if it isn't my sash creating a glare or my earmuffs causing a distraction...what is it?

GBTC:  Well....Mike...we can't get you in the shot.  We're cutting your head off.  You're...just...too tall.

MF:  Oh...I hear that all the time.  Have you seen my commercial?!?

GBTC:  Yes...Mike...I have.

MF:  (leans in) You like it right?

GBTC:  Umm...sure.  But...about this shot right now Mike.  Can you....ummm...maybe....bend down a bit?

MF:  Bend down?

GBTC:  Yeah.

MF:  How about this....I'll spread my legs out really far and look awkward...but it'll lower me down a few inches like a giraffe does when they try to lay down to sleep.

GBTC:  Works for me!

More #TBT Awesomeness From Sheila Simon

On Tuesday, it appears that incumbent Judy Baar Topinka is going to 'lap' her challenger Sheila Simon in the Illinois Comptroller's race, but we hope that defeat won't send Sheila Simon away from the political scene for at least one reason:  her pretty rad "Throwback Thursday" posts.

We've said it before (post here) but we'll say it again:  she does #TBT *right*!

Here's her latest...check out the young Paul Simon rockin' the bowtie at home...

Well...Now It Is Just Getting Weird, Mike Frerichs...

Having a costume on Halloween *could* demonstrate to voters that a politician is 'real' or 'grounded'.
But two costumes in as many days?

That's starting to drift towards Halloween addict.  

We posted the two different Halloween face paint setups that Mike Frerichs has shown on Facebook in the last 24 hours. things are getting a bit weird.  He's up with his third 'look' and it is the most odd, in our opinion.  Here's the latest photo he posted on his Facebook Wall:

Happy Halloween?

Happy Halloween From Rahm Emanuel And Mike Frerichs

We weren't expecting this!  We wouldn't have thought that a guy who is in a race for Illinois Treasurer (Mike Frerichs) and Da Mare (Rahm Emanuel) would have time for a costume party.

But...we guess we were wrong.  Good to see Rahm have a sense of humor.... appears that Frerichs is really taking this whole Halloween thing to a new level as he posted what looks like him in a tv interview with a whole new set of spooky makeup?!?

Sign Up NOW For A GOTV Shift

The Illinois Republican Party and Bruce Rauner are 'building the largest Get-Out-The-Vote operation Illinois has ever seen. Can they count on you?

Make a difference in the outcome of the election on Tuesday.

Mike Bost Nabs Jim Edgar Endorsement In His Congressional Campaign

Former Governor Jim Edgar has come out - in the final weekend - and endorsed Mike Bost in his bid to unseat Bill Enyart for the 12th Illinois Congressional District.
“It is truly an honor to have the endorsement of Governor Jim Edgar, one of Illinois’s most honest and dedicated public servants,” said Mike Bost. “Having served with him in Springfield, I saw Governor Edgar set an example for integrity and leadership that we all aspired to match, and that has remained an inspiration to me throughout my time representing the people of Southern Illinois. With his leadership, we were able to work across the aisle to achieve great things for Illinois.”

“Mike Bost exemplifies the best of Southern Illinois, and he will be an outstanding member of Congress,” said Governor Jim Edgar. “Mike’s track record is proven. He puts the interests of his constituents first and works hard to deliver for them. As Governor, Mike worked with me to help tackle the tough issues ― balancing the state budget and creating a good climate for jobs. With his integrity and work ethic, Mike will be an effective leader in Washington and he will work to promote policies that will bring more jobs to Southern Illinois. That’s why I am endorsing him today.”

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wow! Most Posts Ever On Truth Team This Month

We knew things would pick up as we came close to Election Day here in Illinois, but with a day+ to go, the month of October 2014 is going to be our biggest month in terms of post volume.

177 posts.  Wow.  We wouldn't be doing this if it didn't matter so much.

Voters have a big chance to make a big difference on Tuesday.  Do your part.  Vote for good candidates.

Halloween At Rahm Emanuel's House

Nobody is going to be happy if they trick-or-treat at Da Mare's house this year...

H/T Dan Proft.

Mike Frerichs Stays At Paul Simon's House On Campaign Trail

Yesterday, Mike Frerichs was crowing about his whereabouts all day on social media and he capped off his day with a post that a tween would have posted where he boasted about where he was staying for the night.

As you can see above, there are 8 photos included in his posting. turns out there was a bit more footage that Mike Frerichs left off his Facebook post.

We were lucky enough to get this footage straight from the late Senator Simon's security cameras of Mike Frerichs as he tried to figure out how to use the miniature fixtures in the bathroom:

What Is Stopping The Minimum Wage In Illinois?

From out in the Twitters, comes a question for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn:

The official response?

Illinois AFL-CIO Asks Voters To Do Something *VERY* Personal

We don't know how we feel about this request of voters.  Really gives a new meaning to the whole 'organized labor' thing, eh?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What It Feels Like To Be Governor Pat Quinn *Right Now*

Busted!  Ohhh...Pat, Pat, Pat.  You were almost in the clear with your scheme to spread around taxpayer money to buy votes this fall.  But...those pesky spokespeople just can't get out of your way.

A TV ad is going to be worse than the jumbotron...


Exclusive Footage Of David Roeder, Governor Pat Quinn's Spokesman From DCEO

See him there?  

Right behind the reporter? 

That's right after the press picked up the fact that he said this:
But lately Mr. Quinn has authorized some big-money discretionary grants to companies that agree to expand in Illinois. Like Amazon, many had strong business reasons to add staff here without state funding. This month alone, the governor gave a total of $22 million to four Illinois-based companies. We’re talking direct transfers of state money here, not loans or tax credits. 
I know what you’re thinking, because I’m thinking the same thing: The governor is giving away our money to generate favorable headlines about new jobs in Illinois a month before voters decide whether or not to give him another term. 
The commerce spokesman acknowledges a halo effect. “In most cases, I think the timing largely had to do with the companies and when they were able to go forward,” he says, but adds, “We have a good story to tell — and do I want to tell it before Nov. 4? Yes. Is that a crime?”
Emphasis, ours.

We'd 'head for ze hills' too, David.

Question for Governor Pat Quinn: How Do You Create Jobs?

Answer: "It is easy."

The problem?  Those 'dollar, dollar bills' are yours - the taxpayer's.


Breaking: Footage Of Negotiations With State Of Illinois

We were just shared this breaking footage of the folks over at from late last week after Governor Pat Quinn brazenly shelled out taxpayer cash to make it look like he's generating jobs.

Can you blame Amazon?  Someone 'makes it rain' like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn does ahead of his re-election effort, don't you dance, too?

Exclusive Footage Of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's "Job Creation Program"

Who would have thunk?  If it worked for Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to spread around some cash - YOUR CASH - to buy some votes in 2010, why wouldn't he try it again this time?

Shame on him.  But...if we vote to put this guy back in office next Tuesday, the shame will be on us.
“Pat Quinn is already under federal investigation for misusing millions in October of 2010, and now it looks like he’s pumped out half a billion dollars this month to boost his campaign once again. He’s throwing around taxpayer money in October in the hopes of raising your taxes in November. Throwing around more money in the last six days won’t change the harm Pat Quinn has caused Illinois over the last six years.”

Governor Pat Quinn Asks If Buying Votes With Taxpayer Money Is A Crime?

Here's a breaking statement from the guys in charge to voters:  "Please don't waste your time reading this stuff."

We think that's terrible advice.

Trust A Retired Marine...Not the "Madigan Machine"

Illinois Attorney General Candidate Paul Schimpf wants your vote next week so he can work to take on government corruption.

Take a listen to his latest spot:  Trust a retired Marine.  Not the Madigan Machine.

Congressman Randy Hultgren Boosts Mike Bost in Southern Illinois

From Congressman Randy Hultgren's Facebook wall:
I’ve known Mike Bost for more than 15 years, and we served together in the General Assembly where we pushed back against Mike Madigan’s irresponsible policies. I was happy to join him down in the 12th District. We need to rebuild the ranks of Illinois Republicans in Congress—and Mike can help get us there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Illinois Politician Mike Frerichs' Voting Record

Mike Frerichs is now running for Illinois Treasurer.  And next week, on Nov. 4th, voters will get to decide if he should be elected.

But, before you head to the polling place and cast your vote, we think it is important to examine Mike Frerichs' voting record and use that as a way to judge how you should vote.

Let's get started...

As a current Illinois State Senator, Mike Frerichs has voted to raise *A LOT* of taxes.

He voted to tax your cable tv service, internet service, bicycles, diaper services, school buses and even wheelchairs.


Yes...Mike Frerichs even voted to tax wheelchairs.

But Mike Frerichs also raised taxes on just about every business in Illinois.

The facts are too strong:  Illinois can't afford Mike Frerichs as our next State Treasurer.

Vote 'No' on Mike Frerichs next week.

Mike Frerichs' Record On Taxes

Mike Frerichs is running for Illinois State Treasurer.  We have to ask: What is his record on taxes.

The facts of Mike Frerichs' on taxes:

1.  Mike Frerichs has supported billions of dollars in budget hikes and Frerichs voted with Governor Pat Quinn for the biggest 'tax increase in State of Illinois history'.

2.  Mike Frerichs then decided he didn't think he had to pay his property taxes for almost seven years.   He just ignored the tax bills when they arrived every year.


Don't believe us?  Just...Check out this news report from WCCU Broadcast news here in Illinois:

What Is Mike Frerichs' Campaign Slogan?

So...what exactly *is* Mike Frerichs' - who is running for Illinois Treasurer campaign - campaign slogan?  

It isn't "Standing Tall".  Nope.  It is "Telling Tall Tales".

Why?  Because you can't trust Mike Frerichs.  Not with our tax dollars.   

Frerichs vs. Cross in Illinois

In just one week, voters all across Illinois will have a clear choice in the Illinois Treasurer's race.

Before you enter the polling place, you have to ask yourself:

Do you want more spending and higher taxes?  Then vote for Mike Frerichs. you want bold leadership to clean up Illinois and work to balance the budget?

If so, cast your vote for Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer.

The choice seems *very* clear to us.

We can't afford to elect Mike Frerichs.  Illinois needs Tom Cross as our next State Treasurer.

Mike Frerichs vs. Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer

For Illinois Treasurer, the choice - for voters on November 4th, 2014 - is clear.

Tom Cross has a plan to stop the dishonest budget gimmicks and force the state's balanced budget requirement.

Mike Frerichs has supported billions of dollars in budget hikes and Frerichs voted with Governor Pat Quinn for the biggest 'tax increase in State of Illinois history'.

After voting to raise your taxes, Mike Frerichs failed to pay his property taxes for six years.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Tom Cross for Treasurer.

The Chicago Tribune said this about Mike Frerichs: "Mike Frerichs does a better job of protecting state government than protecting state taxpayers."

Illinois can't afford Mike Frerichs.

Want to learn more?  Check out the detailed bio of Mike Frerichs here.

Welp. We Guess Pat Quinn's "Vaunted" Digital Team Is Fooling Themselves

If you read the Sun-Times last month, you might have checked out the profile of the 'whiz kids' running Governor Pat Quinn's digital operation.  There's an interesting nugget in there about retargeting and how Quinn's team is taking a 'different' approach.
Hass points to the number of Rauner ads online, driven by cookies that follow people on the Web who may have visited a Rauner site.

From Hass’ point of view, it’s a wasteful tactic. 
“Me personally, I’ve been inundated with Bruce Rauner ads for at least about a month now. I suspect if they keep up that pace they’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars advertising to me between now and Election Day,” Hass said. The problem with that: “I’m not one of their voters.” 
Hass said the Quinn camp’s approach is more targeted. For instance, early on, the campaign connected with people who supported an increase to the minimum wage. After identifying those people, they recruited volunteers, and worked to expand their field campaign or social media presence. He also has learned it’s up to the campaign to educate voters who are looking up information on a candidate online.

Well...a tipster sent us this screenshot of what they saw right here on the Truth Team...

What do you was a Pat Quinn for Illinois Governor 300x250 display ad!?!

Which...was likely the result of retargeting or contextual targeting...

 So...if this isn't 'wasteful', then these guys really think that someone who reads the Truth Team is 'one of their voters'?!?

Our reaction to their boast:

Bruce Rauner Doesn't Owe Anybody Anything....And That Scares People In Power

They knew it wasn't going to be easy.  But, once we elect Bruce Rauner next week, both Bruce and Diana Rauner say it will be 'worth it'.

Let's close this thing strong, Illinois.

Stand with Bruce Rauner and let's actually change some things here in Illinois.  Vote now if you can.

H/T to CapFax

"Calibration Issue" Causing Votes To Switch Parties In Early Voting?

From the Illinois Republican GOTV effort:
If this happens to you, or if you see anything suspicious at your polling place, report it ASAP to
Our take?

Attention Taxpayers: The "Quinncome Tax" Will Crush You

Via RebootIllinois, we discovered this Scott Stantis cartoon that does a nice job of summarizing the Governor's race.
The race for governor is about whether incumbent Pat Quinn or challenger Bruce Rauner will be Illinois’ CEO for four years. It is also a referendum on the future of the 67 percent personal income tax increase that Quinn and fellow Democrats enacted in 2011, on whether that tax will start to recede Jan. 1 as written in the law, and on the huge implications for Illinois’ struggle to grow jobs. 
It is also a referendum on whether voters ought to hold this state’s politicians to their words.

Rep. Ron Sandack Endorsed By Illinois Observer, Touts His Bright Future

The Illinois Observer has endorsed State Representative Ron Sandack in his re-election bid pointing out his leadership and how's he's 'mastered the art of compromise'.  Also...they hint that if things go right for Sandack he might end up running for Illinois Governor one day...
State Rep. Ron Sandack of Downers Grove represents the future of the Republican Party in Illinois – if the GOP is desires a future in this Democratic state. A former mayor of Downers Grove and an attorney, Sandack has mastered the art of compromise in the legislature and has moored his ideology in competent conservatism. He has repeatedly backed and robustly defended painful pension changes even amid harsh opposition. 
...He has the leadership qualities that could land him in Governor’s Mansion one day. Sandack is enthusiastically endorsed.
Go read the whole thing at the Illinois Observer.

Growing the IL Economy "From The Middle Out" (As Long As It Includes French Cuff Shirts!)

Funny how things work out in politics.  Earlier this month, the Chicago Tribune covered how President Obama and Governor Pat Quinn moaned about income inequality and the middle class at a speech at Northwestern just minutes after hosting a $50K per person lunch.

Voters who pay attention can see right through those shenanigans.

And, now...look at Mike Frerichs - who is running for Illinois Treasurer.  He's been crowing about 'growing the Illinois economy from the middle out' and 'banking deserts' and such. for his own tastes?  He's quite fancy.

He's well known for his love of wearing a sash.  And earmuffs.  But take a peek at him at yesterday's event in Rockford.

Listen...those folks in the 'middle class':  he knows your pain.  As long as your pain includes having to wait for the dry cleaner to open up in the morning so you can get your french cuff shirts.

Congressman Peter Roskam "Sweeps Endorsements"

He has an opponent?!?

From Roskam's site:
Thrilled to see our pro-growth agenda to jumpstart the economy getting a clean sweep of local newspaper endorsements. Click here to read more from theChicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Kane County Chronicle, and Northwest Herald.

One Week Left To Make An Impact On The Election

What are you doing in the remaining days to help your candidates win?  Get your yard signs up, talk to your neighbors and make sure you lend a hand to the statewide organization at htttp://

Make everyday count!

Senator Mark Kirk Adds Cyberbullying To His 'Suburban Agenda'

Earlier this month, US Senator Mark Kirk expanded his so-called 'Suburban Agenda' to include the heroin problem in Illinois, but this week he's taken his work online:  he's trying to address 'cyberbullying'.

From his Senate Site:
In today’s society, almost half of all kids report having been bullied online. Cyberbullying wasn’t part of my childhood, but it is part of everybody’s now. Bullying has real and terrible consequences. In fact, a CDC study found that teenagers who have been involved in bullying are more likely to commit suicide than their peers. I am working with my Women’s Advisory Board and my Student Leadership Advisory Board to raise awareness about this horrific trend.
Go check out his site for a ton of useful tools and to learn more about this problem here in Illinois.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Candidate Facebook Weekend: Bost, Rose, Duffy, Rauner, Hultgren, Schock

Just two Mondays left between now and election day here in Illinois.  And that is time to take a look around Facebook to see what some of the hard-working candidates were up to this weekend.  8 days to go, folks.  Let's win this thing!

Here's the roundup:

Congressional Candidate Mike Bost rode a float and threw out beads at a Mardi Gras parade.  Hurricanes after for the campaign staff, we hope!

State Senator and U of I Alum Chapin Rose was at the Illini vs. Minnesota Homecoming game and he even was able to capture a picture of the (unfortunately) elusive Chief Illiniwek.  We can bet that every alum in Memorial Stadium wishes the Chief was at midfield, not at the top of the Student Section during the three-in-one.

State Senator Dan Duffy was out on the campaign trail with Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner.  Duffy has been doing a great job 'supporting the team' of GOP candidates in Illinois this cycle.

Congressman Randy Hultgren went 'full Griswold' and rocked a white (our preferred version) Blackhawks sweater at the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival Parade.

Congressman Aaron Schock continues to live a *very* interesting life as he spent the weekend at WIU and was able to fire the JROTC cannon at the kickoff of the game.  Pretty sweet.  

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