Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Illinois Politician Mike Frerichs' Voting Record

Mike Frerichs is now running for Illinois Treasurer.  And next week, on Nov. 4th, voters will get to decide if he should be elected.

But, before you head to the polling place and cast your vote, we think it is important to examine Mike Frerichs' voting record and use that as a way to judge how you should vote.

Let's get started...

As a current Illinois State Senator, Mike Frerichs has voted to raise *A LOT* of taxes.

He voted to tax your cable tv service, internet service, bicycles, diaper services, school buses and even wheelchairs.


Yes...Mike Frerichs even voted to tax wheelchairs.

But Mike Frerichs also raised taxes on just about every business in Illinois.

The facts are too strong:  Illinois can't afford Mike Frerichs as our next State Treasurer.

Vote 'No' on Mike Frerichs next week.

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