Monday, March 6, 2017

North Cook News: Aurora Austriaco Is Trojan Horse for Boss Madigan and Others

A bombshell of a report is up at the North Cook News and covered by in the race for Maine Township District 207's race for school board.  In the story, they connect all the pieces of the puzzle from the backing and support - to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars - that political boss Mike Madigan, trial lawyers and public unions have given Aurora Austriaco.  Yes, that's right...she's been handed hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.  Can you say "Special Interests"?

But she also had Joe Berrios' attorney represent her at her ballot challenge hearing.  Don't know about Joe Berrios.  Start your reading here.  These are the guys who are backing Aurora Austriaco.

Then the story goes on to talk about the 'quietness' of Aurora Austriaco's current campaign.  Why is she so quiet?  Welp...that's on purpose of course.  The political bosses want this to be a sleepy campaign.  Why?  So they can sneak her in to the board.  You're asking...why would they care about a school board?  Well, it is happening all over, but it is simple:  this is about money and influence.

Think about your property tax bill.  Where does the bulk of the money go to?  That's right, the schools.  There's $130M and growing at stake here.

Chicago political machine folks give Aurora Austriaco over half a million dollars.  And we voters are supposed to think that she'd be an impartial board member?  Please.  Look at that last line:
"If Aurora Austriaco wins a spot on the Maine Township District 207 School Board, Boss Mike Madigan might get a return on his investment, just yet."
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