About Us

"Sock Puppetry
We've been described thusly:
"Clever" - The Group "Crossholes" on Twitter 
"A group of Springfield Insiders" - Tom Bowen, Rahm Emanuel's former political chief 
Like an "army of keyboard jockeys" - AN on CapitolFax
"An Illinois watchdog group" - Washington Examiner 
"a group of residents who believe the State of Illinois is heading in the wrong direction" - Madison County Record 
"masterminds" - Reporter Elaine Johnson 
"they are moral relativists" who may or may not have "credibility" - GOPUSA Illinois' David Diersen
We're life-long Illinois residents who believe that the state is headed in the wrong direction.  We 'call 'em as we see 'em' and will be pointing out candidates, issues, and problems leading up to the 2014 general election.  We have a history of working directly for Republican candidates and non-partisan candidates in elections over the years.

Some of this site is satire.  Hopefully you can sense that...

And...for the question of: "Are you biased?"

To quote one of the wingnut's favorites:  "You betcha."

Disclosure: As many other people do, we too work and volunteer our time and talents from time-to-time for candidates and organizations we wish to support.  To be perfectly clear:  we like candidates who want to change the Illinois Republican Party and welcome in lots of people and are NOT single-issue candidates.

This site is NOT Paid for by any candidate(s). It is paid for and maintained (personally) by a concerned citizen that cares about the future of Illinois.
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The Illinois Truth Team is an Illinois Politics Blog. We cover breaking news and issues related to changing the culture of the politics of Illinois and the politicians involved in the races. We support good candidates and are trying to help voters get the information needed to make educated votes.
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