Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welp. We Guess Pat Quinn's "Vaunted" Digital Team Is Fooling Themselves

If you read the Sun-Times last month, you might have checked out the profile of the 'whiz kids' running Governor Pat Quinn's digital operation.  There's an interesting nugget in there about retargeting and how Quinn's team is taking a 'different' approach.
Hass points to the number of Rauner ads online, driven by cookies that follow people on the Web who may have visited a Rauner site.

From Hass’ point of view, it’s a wasteful tactic. 
“Me personally, I’ve been inundated with Bruce Rauner ads for at least about a month now. I suspect if they keep up that pace they’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars advertising to me between now and Election Day,” Hass said. The problem with that: “I’m not one of their voters.” 
Hass said the Quinn camp’s approach is more targeted. For instance, early on, the campaign connected with people who supported an increase to the minimum wage. After identifying those people, they recruited volunteers, and worked to expand their field campaign or social media presence. He also has learned it’s up to the campaign to educate voters who are looking up information on a candidate online.

Well...a tipster sent us this screenshot of what they saw right here on the Truth Team...

What do you know....it was a Pat Quinn for Illinois Governor 300x250 display ad!?!

Which...was likely the result of retargeting or contextual targeting...

 So...if this isn't 'wasteful', then these guys really think that someone who reads the Truth Team is 'one of their voters'?!?

Our reaction to their boast:

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