Friday, October 31, 2014

Vince Kolber Challenges Incumbent Mike Quigley For Congress (5th IL District)

A tipster sent us this mailer that she received at her home TODAY from Vince Kolber who is running against Congressman Mike Quigley for Congress.  The tipster lives in the city and is a swing voter (voted in the GOP primary this year), so perhaps that why she got the piece?

While we know Kolber is a long shot here against Quigley, we really like to see this action out of Kolber.  Gotta put up a fight, ya know?!?

Kolber has a stong agenda that includes job creation, term limits, curtailing some of the NSA stuff (we like that!) and cutting spending.

The 5th District stretches from the shores of Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park all the way out to O'Hare Airport, then creeps into DuPage County and (unbelievably!) includes Oak Brook Mall.  So...whomever wins, is NEVER...we repeat NEVER...going to be able to truly represent that district properly.  The interests are just so diverse.

Some folks care about noise pollution out of O'Hare while others worry about mass transit in Lincoln Park.

Quigley does an admirable job, but he knows where the power in his district lies and it ain't Dupage County.

If you live in the 5th, cast a vote for Kolber.  Even if it is a protest vote against how the district map was drawn.

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