Friday, October 31, 2014

Mike Frerichs Forced To Take An Awkward, Wide Stance

You have all probably heard stories or have checked out photos of tv reporters doing weird things to get the 'on camera shot' to look right.  A lot of them stand on things like crates to get the framing right.  See this shot below as an example:

But...what made us think about this phenomenon is that the Mike Frerichs campaign team decided to post a REALLY awkward photo of their candidate on their own Facebook page.  They didn't think about cropping it, we assume, or else they would have. makes their guy look super weird.

Listen...we get it that being tall is Mike's *thing*.  After all, he's spent almost a million bucks telling voters that...wait for it....he's.....tall.  Yep.  That he's tall.

But...the photo that his campaign team brought this to life (for us at least) in a new hilarious way.

Check out what Mike Frerichs had to do to get on camera.  We've hear about politicians getting into trouble for having a 'wide stance' but this is different:

Too funny.  His legs are just about at the same angle as the tripod legs.

We can imagine the conversation:

Guy behind the camera:  Umm...well.....ummm (nervous hemming and hawing)

MF:  What's up?  Something wrong?

GBTC:  Well...(more nervous hemming and hawing...)

MF:  Oh...I get it.  The sun is really reflecting off my sash too much.  It is creating a glare.  Let me take it off.

GBTC:  Umm...sure...that's fine.  But that's not it.

MF: it the earmuffs?  I'll take those off, too.

GBTC: is a good idea to lose those.  I is like 60 degrees down here in Quincy today.  They seemed odd to me, but I *get* that those 'muffs are your calling card.

MF: if it isn't my sash creating a glare or my earmuffs causing a distraction...what is it?

GBTC:  Well....Mike...we can't get you in the shot.  We're cutting your head off.  You're...just...too tall.

MF:  Oh...I hear that all the time.  Have you seen my commercial?!?

GBTC:  Yes...Mike...I have.

MF:  (leans in) You like it right?

GBTC:  Umm...sure.  But...about this shot right now Mike.  Can you....ummm...maybe....bend down a bit?

MF:  Bend down?

GBTC:  Yeah.

MF:  How about this....I'll spread my legs out really far and look awkward...but it'll lower me down a few inches like a giraffe does when they try to lay down to sleep.

GBTC:  Works for me!
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