Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Senator Mark Kirk Adds Cyberbullying To His 'Suburban Agenda'

Earlier this month, US Senator Mark Kirk expanded his so-called 'Suburban Agenda' to include the heroin problem in Illinois, but this week he's taken his work online:  he's trying to address 'cyberbullying'.

From his Senate Site:
In today’s society, almost half of all kids report having been bullied online. Cyberbullying wasn’t part of my childhood, but it is part of everybody’s now. Bullying has real and terrible consequences. In fact, a CDC study found that teenagers who have been involved in bullying are more likely to commit suicide than their peers. I am working with my Women’s Advisory Board and my Student Leadership Advisory Board to raise awareness about this horrific trend.
Go check out his site for a ton of useful tools and to learn more about this problem here in Illinois.  
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