Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Real Men Don't Wear Earmuffs, Mike Frerichs

See this picture?  It is of Coach Ditka getting his jersey retired at Solider Field earlier this year.  He's a real man.  Hell, even George McKaskey up there is a real man.  What don't you see?

That's right, you don't see earmuffs.

Now, compare that with the photo that Mike "Tall Tales" Frerichs was so proudly posting this morning on his Twitter account.  It was a photo of Democrat Mike with some of the big boys:  Senator Dick Durbin and State Senator Don Harmon.

Check out what Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - has on.  Earmuffs.

Really Mike Frerichs?  Really?!?!  Earmuffs?

Durbin doesn't even have his coat buttoned all the way up.

And you want to be our latex salesman Illinois State Treasurer?

Maybe we should start calling him "Earmuffs" for short now?

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