Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The @MikeforIllinois Campaign Should Hire This Person. Seriously.

We were just sent one of the responses that have come in on the Mike Frerichs' Campaign Craigslist ad seeking a copywriter.  Want to see the original post showing the ad?  Check it out here on the Truth Team.  

As you know by know, we love giving the Frerichs campaign a good ribbing, but we have some serious advice.  Hire this person.  Srsly.

Here's their email as sent to us by a mole inside Frerichs HQ.  We redacted their name for privacy.
Dear Candidate,

I've heard some tall tales, yet your Craigslist posting rises to new heights. . .

Luckily, your staff seems blessed with a sense of humor!

If I can assist them and you -- having written for magazines and newspapers since way last century -- let's talk.



P.S. Guessing you'd like to avoid gaffes like "twoday is a grate day" and others of this ilk?
That's exactly what they're trying to avoid.
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