Monday, January 27, 2014

Mike Frerichs The Dishonest Politican (Video)

Another week, another news opportunity to cover how Mike Frerichs - Democrat for Illinois State Treasurer - lied in his announcement video.  Rich Miller at Capitol Fax has gotten his hands on the latest video from the Tom Cross for Treasurer campaign.  This video lays out the case for why we can't trust Mike to be our latex salesman State Treasurer.

From Capitol Fax comes the script:

From Washington to Springfield the typical politicians are failing us. 
Dishonest politicians like Mike Frerichs. 
Here’s Frerichs in his very first ad: 
“In 2006 I ran for the State Senate where I led by example by cutting my own pay and ending free lifetime healthcare for legislators.” 
The problem? It’s not true. 
Frerichs voted against ending lifetime health benefits and voted to increase his own pay. 
Now, Frerichs expects us to believe this: 
“If you believe that what we need is accountability and honesty and ethics in the Treasurer’s office, then I ask you to join this campaign.” 
Mike Frerichs. 
Just another dishonest politician we can’t trust… especially with our tax dollars.

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