Monday, January 27, 2014

Herman Cain Working to Repair Image With Women - Endorses Erika Harold for Congress

If Herman Cain thinks he has a future in politics, he's making at least a few smart moves.  He's working to endorse a slew of women including Erika Harold - who is running for Congress here in Illinois in the 13th Congressional District against incumbent Rodney Davis.

You'll remember that Herman Cain's Presidential Campaign derailed after some sexual harassment allegations came to light from several women.  From a story around that time:
In a matter of a week, Herman Cain referred to the House Democratic leader as "Princess Nancy" Pelosi, said presidential rival Michele Bachmann would be "tutti-frutti" ice cream and shrugged off a joke about Anita Hill. 
The Republican presidential candidate also has denied allegations that he sexually harassed several women and, through his lawyer, threatened to investigate anyone else who makes such a claim. 
Now, as Cain struggles to stabilize his campaign, the Republican presidential candidate is rolling out his wife to defend him – and help shore up female support for his bid for the GOP nomination.
Now...back to today.  Illinois Review is saying that Cain will endorse Erika Harold for Congress.
Businessman and former Presidential candidate Herman Cain will announce his support for Erika Harold's this Friday in St. Louis and Saturday in Edwardsville and Champaign. 
Harold is challenging GOP incumbent Congressman Rodney Davis for the Republican Party's 13th CD nomination on March 18th.
Cain is probably a great guy and if we're reading this correctly, he knows what he's doing.  I'm sure Erika Harold will get a little big of a boost out of this.  If Cain harvests his email list and does some radio for her, it'll earn her some Conservative Bonafides.  But...does she understand that she's getting used by Cain, too?  Everytime he appears with a woman politician, he inches back his reputation on women's issues. What better woman to utilize than a former Miss America?  

Anyone who has been in politics knows this isn't unique.  Think any endorsements aren't given with a " owe me" kind of thing?  They all are. Or mostly, all are.

Who knows.  Maybe we're wrong.  Maybe, just maybe Cain is doing this because he's totally altruistic.  Time will tell, we suppose.
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