Monday, January 27, 2014

Know Any 17 Year Olds? They Can Vote NOW

The 2014 Primary Elections are coming up on March 18th, which makes the deadline to register to vote for the Primaries one month earlier:  February 18th.  

This year, however, there's been a change.  For the first time, 17 year olds can cast their vote in the Primary Elections if they are going to be 18 by the time the General Election comes around in early November.

State Representative Joe Sosnowski is urging everyone who qualifies to register to vote.
“Many 17 year olds may not know they are now eligible to register to vote and participate in the March 18 primary so long as they are 18 before the general election,” explains Sosnowski. “Young adults not only have the ability to shape the future of their community through the power of voting, but they also have a lot at stake if they don’t. Major issues affecting this group like the cost of a higher education and the ability to find good paying jobs can be significantly impacted by elections and it is crucial for everyone to pay attention.” 
For the upcoming March 18, 2014, general primary election, United States citizens born on or before November 4, 1996, can register to vote and participate in that primary election because they will attain the age of 18 on or before the November 4, 2014, general election. The last date to register to vote before the upcoming general primary election is Tuesday, February 18.
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