Monday, January 27, 2014

Comment on Frerichs' Campaign: Getting a Factual Video Up

We just posted the latest video on Mike Frerichs lying in his announcement video, but we couldn't let a comment at Capitol Fax go by without highlighting it.  This seems to sum up the situation completely.  The comment from someone going by the handle "Formerly Known As..." said:
A rapid, factually accurate response? Check. 
The Cross campaign just managed to do in 1 weekend what the Frerichs campaign could not do in 1 year. 
That alone earns them an “A”.
Sounds about right to us.  Frerichs has been traipsing around the State of Illinois for the past year documenting his night out on Facebook and Twitter.  He had a FULL YEAR to develop his launch video.  And...his stump speech.  What does he do?  He leads with a lie. A real, fat, big, not-true lie.  

That took a year?  

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