Friday, August 29, 2014

The Mike Frerichs Campaign Team Caught One Of the Mistakes (So Far!)

Well, well, well...Looks as though the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign team has been busy overnight as they've worked to correct ONE of the many mistakes they've made on their Eco-Ag infographic.

But...fortunately for all of us, they just found the one mistake when there are oh-so-many more!

We won't tip you to the one change they've made, but perhaps you can spot it.  Here's a link to the page on Frerichs' site that has their slightly amended language up right now.'s the one (pasted below) that they published so proudly yesterday on their site, on Facebook, and even sent out in an email last week.  This is the one you should be working to find mistakes from (below).

Remember have until Monday am to send us the list of mistakes you found!

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