Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unreal. Looks Like The Mike Frerichs Campaign Has Set A New Record (Of Ineptitude)

You'll never believe this.  It seems that the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign is the gift that keeps on giving.  

This time, they've even managed to top themselves when it comes to mistakes.  

Just when you think something is impossible, the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign seems to pull it off with the grace and style of a man in the depths of an ether binge.

In a meandering infographic (found below as screen-shot from the Frerichs website here) touting some new - and oddly pitched - plan, Team Frerichs has managed to screw it up again, this time in record-setting fashion.

We've been staring at this thing for close to a week when the campaign sent it out and we knew there some things off.  But we couldn't quite put our finger on it.  

Then...we got a tip from a loyal TruthTeam reader Ace:
"I have counted 4 misspellings/word choice errors, 2 incorrect period uses and it is abundantly clear they do not understand comma usage. I feel bad for the English teacher of whoever wrote this masterpiece. Seems like that proofreading job is still open, but please...if you can... let them know I am not interested."
Attention Truth Teamers:  The bar has been set pretty high by Team Frerichs on this one, but we have faith in you. 

Can you find the 4 word choice errors? If so email us @ and if you get them all we will give you a shout-out on Monday.  You have a few days to pour over this before we'll release the full list of mistakes.

To up the ante a bit...We'll also challenge the Mike Frerichs campaign team:  if you can find the errors and email us with the updated version we'll hold out from highlighting all the errors/mistakes and won't subject you to even more scorn and criticism.  

Get after it folks:

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