Friday, August 29, 2014

Is Congressman Brad Schneider About To Be Embroiled In Plagiarism Problem?

We were just sent this screenshot: As posted by a political consultant over on Facebook you'll see what has been labeled a "John Walsh problem" for Congressman Brad Schneider.

Who's John Walsh and what is the problem?  Check out this CBS News story titled:  Sen. John Walsh retreats from campaign amid plagiarism charges.

Anyway...back to Brad Schneider and his race for re-election to Congress:  Check out the screenshot above that shows a copy/pasted (with a few name changes) email campaign that Congressman Schneider is putting out that looks identical John Foust, a politician from Virginia has been sending.

Now...this certainly isn't a research paper, but we think it is worth noting/discussing.

Do voters deserve to know that Brad Schneider is playing from someone else's playbook?  That he's clearly not in control of his own story?  In fact, he's wholesale copying - verbatim - pleas to voters from someone else in control?

We'd think so?

Wouldn't you?
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