Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Gave The Mike Frerichs' Team An Extra Day (And They *Still* Didn't Fix Everything!)

As you'll recall, we called on the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer campaign to fix the numerous problems with their so-called "Eco-Ag" infographic.  We gave them until Monday morning before we would start to post the issues.

Well...it is Tuesday morning, and the time has come:  unfortunately, for the campaign there's two problems:

1.  They did't fix all their problems.
2.  They actually have a bigger problem with their proposal...but...we'll get to that in a minute (and a later post).

So...without further delay, let's take a peek at the first - of many - problems that the Mike Frerichs team put together in their infographic.

In the originally published version which was emailed, posted on social media, and posted on the Frerichs' campaign site, they forgot to work on their punctuation.  As you can see in the dark blue section here, they put a period after the middle sentence.  But failed to put them after the first and last one.


After we posted our initial findings (including the mention of two missing periods), the Frerichs' campaign updated their version and included them.  You can go see the 'current' one here.  (That's version 3 for those of you counting at home!)

Here's what they did:  they took out the period to make it work properly.  Good for them!  But..it was more than a week after they initially published it.

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