Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pay Attention, Frerichs Staffers. It is "Affect Not Effect"

Above, in a nutshell, you'll see the second error that the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer campaign made when it comes to putting out their infographic:  they used effect instead of the word affect.

Here's a screenshot of the version they so gleefully emailed around and posted on Facebook:

Again...after we called them out, they scampered back into the design offices and quickly updated their published infographic to use the right word.

Here's how it looks now:  you'll note the updated version to reflect "affect".  It is important to note in this screenshot what *hasn't* changed.  Why?  Because...there's another error up there that they didn't get to just yet.  Will they?  Before we post???

But...again:  we have to ask:  is this stuff so hard?  Shouldn't a statewide political campaign catch this stuff before it goes out the door?  Is that too much to ask?

To summarize:  we're up to two errors - both that have been fixed since we called on the Frerichs' campaign to fix them - but there are more coming!  Stay tuned!
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