Thursday, August 21, 2014

Newest Description of Mike Frerichs' Campaign: "Stumbling And Bumbling"

(wait for it...)

We've chronicled just about every move the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer campaign has made, but this is the first time we've heard the campaign described as 'stumbling and bumbling'.  

We've heard: terrible, historically bad, childish and poorly managed, but not stumbling and bumbling.

Until now.

The Chicago Daily Observer serves up the quote from Jack Dorgan and runs down the state of the race between Frerichs and Tom Cross:
“It’s stumbling and bumbling,” said former Republican state chairman Jack Dorgan of the Frerichs campaign. “He’s (Frerichs) doing a great job of losing.” 
Among Frerichs’ miscues: When he announced his candidacy, Frerichs’ website posted a video of the senator demanding the end of “free, lifetime health care for state legislators.” But he is on record voting against that ban. Oops. Frerichs wants to make the treasurer’s investments more Illinois-centric, and slammed “overseas” investments. The office’s only overseas investments are in Israeli-issued government bonds. Oops. There goes the Jewish vote. Frerichs touts the fact that he is “a prepared and experienced finance official,” having been ChampaignCounty auditor for 4 years." 
“He (Frerichs) has enough baggage to sink a battleship,” joked Dorgan. 
Now Frerichs in embroiled in a controversy about whether he paid the property taxes on his senate and political offices, which are housed separately in the same building in Champaign. Oops. First he said that it was the Department of Revenue’s fault, then he said the bill was sent to the wrong address, and then his aide told this columnist that the lease didn’t require the tenant (Frerichs) to pay the taxes. Cross will have fun with this miscue.
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