Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ut-Oh! Ann Callis Fades and Rodney Davis Begins To Pull Away

Depressing news for Ann Callis, the College Dems who have worked so hard on her behalf, and the Democrat faithful:  She's fading.  Fast.

From Roll Call:
Freshman Rep. Rodney Davis entered the midterms as one of the most vulnerable Republicans on the map.
Not anymore.
In 2012, the former staffer for Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., won the 13th District by a mere 1,002 votes to a perennial Democrat panned by party operatives. This cycle, Democrats in Illinois and Washington, D.C., recruited former judge Ann Callis, billing her as a top-tier challenger who could win this Springfield-based swing seat. 
But nearly two months from Election Day, Republican operatives in the Land of Lincoln and Washington, D.C., are cautiously optimistic about Davis’ chances, thanks to his adept political skills and favorable tail winds behind the GOP in the midterms. At the same time, Republicans and, privately, Democrats say Callis has not lived up to her candidacy’s hype and or made the necessary inroads to win the district.
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