Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Capitol Fax Covers Democrat Mike Frerichs' "Great Event" Tweet

In addition to national outlets like the Washington Examiner and local outlets like the Madison County Record covering the latest in Mike Frerichs Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer gaffes on social media, Illinois "Top Dog" blogger and political reporter Rich Miller at Capitol Fax just posted the Frerichs' 'tweet heard round the state' on

As you can see in the screengrab above...he called it "unfortunate".

Priceless!  But...the joy over here at the Illinois Truth Team doesn't stop there.  You have to wade into the comments to see some real gems.

(Click on each quote images of these to make them bigger if you need help reading them.)

From OneMan:

From Oswego Willie:

From Angry Chicagoan:

From Anonymous:

Even More Oswego Willie:

And...more Anonymous:

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