Monday, June 30, 2014

Packed House for the Mike Frerichs and Ann Callis Fundraiser in DeWitt County

Man-o-man.  You want to talk about a fired up campaign?  Just take a look at this packed house at the latest Mike Frerichs event.  This time he was paired up with Congressional candidate Ann Callis.

At what Frerichs called "a great event" as he crowed about it on Twitter, we count four people.  Yes...four people.  Wow.  Forget all that chatter about the enthusiasm gap, right folks?

To make it easier to count, we went ahead and circled in red the folks who attended this "great event".

Perhaps Big Mike Frerichs and his team should be thinking twice about what they're posting to their social networks.  This isn't exactly sending the right signals.

If I was Ann Callis and her team, I'd be running - as fast as I can - away from Team Mike Frerichs.  I wouldn't want to be sucked down that hole that always seems to be created by his own mis-steps.
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