Monday, June 30, 2014

Illinois Governor's Candidate Bruce Rauner And His Latino Coalition

Bruce Rauner's campaign continues to build a strong, broad-based support network as he races towards the Illinois Governor's mansion.  First, it was a very strong "Democrats for Rauner".  Yesterday, he went a step further with the release of his "Latinos for Rauner".  And guess what?  He has a running mate that gives his campaign the bonafides to make such a move.  

From the Rauner campaign:  
Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and running mate Evelyn Sanguinetti today announced the launch of Amigos de Rauner-Sanguinetti. 
The coalition consists of a broad range of Latino community and political leaders who endorse Bruce and Evelyn. 
“Bruce and I are running to create better schools and more jobs, especially for the Latino community where unemployment is unacceptably high,” said Evelyn Sanguinetti. “By working together, we can bring back Illinois.” 
“It is an honor to be running with Evelyn Sanguinetti who when we win will be the first Latina lieutenant governor in state history,” said Bruce Rauner. “Evelyn and I are ready to work on behalf of all Illinoisans – and especially this remarkable community.”

Visit and volunteer today!
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