Monday, June 30, 2014

Mike Frerichs Learning From The Best (Or as Taxpayers Would Say: The Worst)

By now, you've heard this crazy bit of news:  Mike Frerichs, a candidate for Illinois State Treasurer is having his cronies in the State Senate refuse to release the records of his time there.

The details:
When operatives for Democratic state treasurer candidate Sen. Michael Frerichs sent Freedom on Information requests to the Illinois House Clerk for lots of files on his GOP opponent Rep. Tom Cross, the House complied. But Cross’ people have asked for most of the same documents from the majority Democratic Senate and have been denied. 
...The Cross people are understandably upset about this, particularly since President Cullerton is Frerichs’ single largest donor this year.

But, the plot thickens.  Apparently "Tax Hike" Mike - as the locals call him - has been learning these shady campaign tricks from one of the best!

Buried in this story of the Des Plaines Valley News is this little gem about who Mike Frerichs has been hanging out with:
State Sen. Mike Frerichs, the Democratic nominee for State Treasurer, attended four separate events held for him on Saturday, June 21, in Lyons Township. 
Democratic committeeman and fellow state Sen. Steve Landek, along with his local Lyons Township Democratic Organization, sponsored the four events across the township on Saturday starting as early as 7 a.m. 
The second event was in Lyons where Mayor Christopher Getty hosted a breakfast at D. Thai restaurant on Ogden Avenue...
Emphasis ours. guys remember Christopher Getty, don't you? don't?  Allow us to give you a refresher:  he's the guy who is the current mayor, but also requires taverns and bars in town to buy their liability insurance from his family firm.  Oh...and then to make matters worse for taxpayers?  Mayor Getty and his administration refused to release any public documents.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Lyons bar owners are turning to their village president's company to buy liability insurance, and town officials refuse to release related public documents, saying some are "under lock and key." 
The refusal to release public records sets up a test for the Illinois attorney general's newfound powers to force reluctant local governments to turn over documents. And the potential conflict of interest could add another note to the western suburb's seamy past with clout and nightlife. 

Purchasing liability insurance from Village President Christopher Getty's company is what one former club owner described as "just the way it is" in town.
Getty believes in an 'open and transparent government'.  Just like Mike Frerichs.

Now Frerichs' failure to release any documents from his time in the State Senate makes total sense.  He's learning from the best including folks like this allegedly sleezy dude Christopher Getty.

And he wants to be our State Treasurer?  What's he going to do?  Shake down firms in Illinois to do business with his family biz in order to do work with the Treasurer's office?  If we are to judge a person by the company that they keep, that'd be a fair guess.
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