Thursday, August 28, 2014

Latest Application For Copywriter/Proofer for Champaign-based Statewide Campaign

Last week, Rich Miller at Capitol Fax covered the 'prank ad' that was posted to Craigslist that sought a 'Copywriter/Proofer for Statewide Political Campaign'.  And then, we quickly were leaked one of the responses from an applicant.  You can see this first response here.  

Well, our mole inside the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer campaign has come through with another applicant's response.  Check out how they start things off:  calling out the memes that are littered around the web.
Well, the first thing you have to do is find and destroy the harmful, yet hilarious, Mike Frerich's memes that pop up everywhere.

Using social media as a campaign tool has it's drawbacks; the most obvious being the free will given to man, allowing idiotic, uninformed reply posts.

I have done copy writing and proofing for multiple positions I've held, and worked freelance a bit for online content management systems, otherwise known as CMS to the cool people.

I can wear a suit, and even better, I'm a woman, and people foolishly trust women more when working for a male candidate, because they believe no self-respecting women would work for an asshole. Which, if true, would actually put us, as a sex, mostly out of work.

I think hopping aboard while Mike Frerich's career is reaching new heights, and he begins to tower over others, would be intense and interesting, although perhaps a tall order.
Good luck with your search.
But...we can't help to think that this response was sent in from their own staff.  See how they spelled "Frerich's" not "Frerichs'"?!?  Nice.  Hire this person, Mike!
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