Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Democrat Mike Frerichs Needs To Return "Tainted" Campaign Donations

It seems that Democrat for Illinois Candidate Mike Frerichs has learned well from his cronies from the Chicago Democrat Machine when it comes to raising dirty money for his political campaign.

This time, Mike Frerichs - who wants to be trusted to look after the State's finances - is caught up in a scandal involving some allegations of 'improperly accepting campaign contributions'.

The details of the Mike Frerichs for Treasurer and Pat Quinn for Governor campaign finance problem can be found on
Gov. Pat Quinn and State Sen. Mike Frerichs, both candidates for statewide election, found themselves caught up this week in an investigation involving campaign contributions and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 
“After all the damage that’s been done to our state’s reputation on ethics, you’d think Gov. Quinn and Sen. Frerichs would know better,” said Andrew Welhouse, communications director for the Illinois Republican Party. “At the very least, both Gov. Quinn and Sen. Frerichs need to return this tainted cash immediately, and any other contributions they’ve had funneled to them in a similar way.”
...“Illinois deserves better than this,” Welhouse said. “Gov. Quinn shouldn’t stand for his public employees using their taxpayer-funded jobs to grease the wheels of the Democrats’ campaign operation. And why should the taxpayers trust Mike Frerichs with their tax dollars if he’s not even willing to separate himself from this kind of scandal?
 Mike Frerichs can talk all he wants about "clean soil and water" (which you can see he is doing on Facebook), but why has he been silent on this "dirty money"?    Seems he's hoping this just goes away, doesn't it?

Why don't you start talking about that "Dirty Money", Mike?  We're sure your Facebook fans would like to hear about how you're collecting your contributions.

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