Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Illinois Treasurer's Candidate Bob Grogan's "Me Problem"

DuPage County Auditor, and Illinois Treasurer's Candidate Bob Grogan sent out an email newsletter yesterday asking for help in circulating his "Friend to Friend" cards.

We were passed the email by a 'tipster' and while (unfortunately) we didn't spot any spelling errors, we *did* find out that Bob really loves himself and is making his campaign all about him.

We counted six - yes six - first person pronouns in the first paragraph.  It was just a 4 sentence paragraph.

This campaign isn't about you - the voter - or even the State of Illinois.  Nope.  This is all about Bob Grogan.  (Hey!  He's a certified fraud examiner, guys!  Didja know that?!?)

You may remember that Bob Grogan isn't the only Illinois politican struck with this "me syndrome".  Governor's candidate Kirk Dillard came down with a case of "I's" too.  Covered here by Rich Miller.
Dillard does this all. the. time. Almost his entire campaign schtick appears to be about his qualifications, his experience, his whatever. 
Voters do want to hear about a candidate’s life story, but they mostly want to hear what the candidates believe about them; their future, their state, their communities, their problems, their wants and needs. 
Sen. Dillard, on the other hand, frames just about everything as being about Kirk Dillard. And that just aint’ gonna work.
Must be a DuPage County/Downers Grove thing?

Bob Groan:  "I'm Sailing."  But not you voters.  

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