Monday, January 27, 2014

Steve Florsheim Must Be Re-Thinking His Frerichs Fundraiser?

Earlier today, our favorite latex salesman State Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs was busy posting the gleeful news about a fundraiser he's having with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  It is being hosted at the house of a lawyer and his screenwriting wife.

We point this out because Frerichs - who at this point appears to be taking some advice directly from Bob Grogan - couldn't even have the decency to spell the guys name right.

We were sent this tip and it looks like the Mike Frerichs' campaign can't get anything right.  They've posted their invitation with the wrong spelling of their host's name.  They bill it as being:
Join Mayor Rahm Emanuel in support of Democratic nominee for Treasurer, Mike Frerichs, at the home of Steve Florscheim & Jenny Friedes.
Emphasis ours.    The problem?  The guy spells his name: Florsheim.  There's no "c" in there at all.  

How do we know?  Because this post on Blockshopper and this post on his lawfirm website.  That's the guy.  There's no "c" in his last name.  Took just one quick Google Search to find that out. 

Shame someone who is hosting an event for you with Da Mare attending (with ticket prices up to $5,300) can't even get their own name spelled right on the invite?  

Guess that's what happens when you have a candidate with a (reported) massive ego who only cares about his image and himself.  

We took a screenshot because we know this will (or at least...*should*) get changed pretty quickly.  (see it below)

For spelling problems, Bob Grogan still leads the field.  But Mike "Tall Tales" Frerichs is closing in fast.

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