Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Keith Matune Eating Crow on "Criminal Background" Tweet?

It appears that State Representative candidate Keith Matune has taken down one of his tweets from back in December.  As you'll recall, Matune, who is running against Ron Sandack has been a teacher and has told everybody - including the Daily Herald - that he's never been arrested.

The problem?  There's this mug shot.

Anyway...Matune was up on his high horse and posted a tweet about an Illinois State Prison official.  But...after getting caught lying about his own criminal background, it seems he's pulled it down.

The apt-named "Big Brother" posted this on Twitter yesterday:

Much ado about nothing?  We don't think so.  Looks like a pattern of saying one thing by a politician.  Until you get caught.  Then changing your tune.

The 81st District has solid representation in the form of State Representative Ron Sandack.  Let's work to re-elect him this Spring.
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