Saturday, January 25, 2014

What's the Story with Keith Matune And His Criminal Record?

There's been plenty of chatter that we've been picking up about Keith Matune and his arrest record.  Mutane is running against Ron Sandack in the GOP Primary for State Representative in the Western Suburbs.

Sandack is a former State Senator, current State Representative and former Downers Grove Mayor.

As for the arrest record, Rich Miller at Capitol Fax labeled the story "The Curious Case of Keith Matune".  He lays out the story thusly:  Ron Sandack meets with Matune to tell him that in opposition research, they turned up this arrest.  Matune goes nuts and says he's being threatened.  Oh...and.. at some point in there, Matune denies being arrested.  The issue with Matune's claim of never being arrested?  There's the fact that a mugshot exists.

So...there's totally no way, he ever was arrested, right?  Please.  This must be from some killer fraternity party, right?  "Jailbirds and Tramps at Phi Delta Theta" or something?  Yeah...that must be it.  They had an awesome "Social Chair" who was very thorough with their frat party theme-ing...

The biggest issue for Matune might not be this race for State Representative.  (Where...we're hoping Sandack wins big, btw)

But...the bigger issue for him is the whole idea about being arrested.  He's a teacher.  And he's been telling everybody for the past 15 years that he's never been arrested.  And he even told the Daily Herald he wasn't arrested in his questionnaire.  He's (allegedly) requested to amend that form.  Hmmm....

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