Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ed Sullivan Endorsed by Illinois Observer for State House

Ed Sullivan Jr's campaign for re-election as the State Representative in the Illinois 51st District continues to pick up momentum.  Late last week, the editorial board of the Illinois Observer released their list of endorsements.  They've picked Sullivan over his opponent Bob Bednar.  We agree.

From the IO Endorsement:
GOP Primary: Ed Sullivan, Jr. v. Bob Bednar. This race is one of the easier ones for the Editorial Board. State Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R-Mundelein) is an experienced, even-handed, respected lawmaker who can work across the aisle to achieve solutions. His knowledge of tax issues makes him an important voice within the House GOP caucus. In addition to being admired in Springfield, he is admired at home for representing the broader interests of his constituents rather than catering to the prejudices of ideologues. Sullivan is endorsed.

Just like President Obama chiming in on the Sandack/Illinois Observer endorsement, the White Mamba, Brian Scalabrine (everybody's favorite bench player) is siding with Sullivan (not really).

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