Friday, January 17, 2014

Bob Grogan Campaign Finance Meme Round-UP

This morning, we ran a few pieces that cover the campaign finance details in the 2014 Illinois Treasurer's Race that include how Tom Cross outraised both Bob Grogan and Mike Frerichs.  There was also the little nugget about how Bob Grogan used some "accounting tricks" to puff up his bottom line.

Bob was quoted by the Illinois Review as to why he did it:
"I wrote the check to my campaign to show I had the capacity to write a check like that," Grogan told Illinois Review.
That one line seems to have struck a chord with the political chattering class of Illinois.  We've received submissions in the form of Memes from around the internets and thought we'd share some of them with you.   We mean...what are Friday afternoons for if they're not for making meme's, right?

Keep sending them over.  You can reach us at with your memes.

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