Monday, February 24, 2014

Voters Need Better Reason Than: "Hey! He's Been There Long Enough"

Over on Twitter, the Republican Nominee for Illinois Secretary of State Mike Webster posted a tweet with his reasoning why he should be elected over current incumbent Jesse White:

Listen...we're all for Mike Webster for SoS.  We're more than happy to work for him and support him as a good Republican.  Heck...we'll even promote him here on the Truth Team (hint...Mike!  Have your press folks send us your releases!).

But...we have a recommendation for Mike Webster's Secretary of State campaign:  Let's come up with a more compelling reason to vote Jesse White out of office besides "he's been in office for 16 years, it's time for change." We're thinking that....Voters are going to need that to toss Jesse White out.

There will be plenty of folks (even...gasp! Republicans) who will tell you that in terms of the actual operations of the office of Secretary of State in Illinois, Jesse White actually has done a great job.  Politics aside, people will tell you that the lines are short, the process to renew your license easier, and the appearance of bureaucracy isn't bulging.

But...there *has* to be a reason to vote against Jesse White, right?  Let's start talking about that message.  Not...'he's been there too long' all by itself.

We understand that we don't want to go after him right now during the primary season, but there has to be something, right?  Let's start talking about it.

We're going to guess that the feeling at Mike Webster SoS HQ in regards to this post is something like this:
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