Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even In a Slam, DuPage Auditor Bob Grogan Gets His Facts Wrong on Endorsements

Earlier this morning, we posted a piece about how DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan - a candidate for Illinois Treasurer - posted a bitter rant about how he didn't get endorsed by the Daily Herald.

He uses evidence of past endorsements from the paper as proof that he doesn't really want/need the endorsement to help boost his campaign.  Bob cites the endorsement of three specific campaigns made by the Editorial Board.  As we pointed out, he omitted a few others (Mitt Romney, Kirk Dillard for President among others).

As a refresher, here's Bob Grogan's post:

The problem for Bob Grogan?  He got his facts wrong.

We were 'tipped' off by someone about the 2000 endorsement.  Grogan says they endorsed Al Gore.

Wrong.  They endorsed George W. Bush.

Here's the note that arrived in our inbox:
To set the record straight, the Daily Herald endorsed George Bush in 2000, not Al Gore.
We had to go look it up.  Turns out, the 'tipster' is indeed correct!

From this story on Democratic Underground in 2004 where they were covering the paper's endorsement of John Kerry:
In 2000, the Daily Herald endorsed George Bush, believing that his brand of governing offered the best opportunity to extend the nation's peace and prosperity without unduly expanding the federal government's role.
Too bad for Bob, huh?  Guess he should get his facts straight before he pouts about not getting endorsements?
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