Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bruce Rauner Still Out Front In A Big Way

See the Full Poll Results at
Over at, they've posted their latest 2014 Republican Gubernatorial Poll that shows Bruce Rauner still out in front with more than 35% of the poll.  The most dramatic numbers (to us at least) are the Dan Rutherford ones.  He's polling at just 7%.  

In a post titled "Von Rauner Express", they say:
Naturally, the other GOP gubernatorial candidates are hoping that the slings and arrows aimed at Mr. Rauner will finally derail his steady rise in the polls (see chart, below) and give their bare-cupboard campaigns a boost. Since State Treasurer Dan Rutherford‘s hopes have withered on a scandal vine, the other two are elbowing each other to claim to be the top contender. 
Last week, State Senator Kirk Dillard called on the election gods to smite Bloomington State Senator Bill Brady and Rutherford to allow him to have free rein against Rauner. While that demand left a lot of pundits scratching their itchy heads, it succeeded in getting Dillard some earned media–which may have been the plan all along. And Dillard has enjoyed a nice boost to his campaign from the endorsement of the powerful Illinois Education Association. 
Now, Bill Brady’s minions have been sidling up to reporters and others promising poll results that prove Brady is everyone’s second choice. If you fail to see the logic of bragging about being the Chosen One…er…Two, then join the club. There’s no Silver Medal in politics.
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